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Thread: Pit Book/Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fayettenam View Post
    The Professional (fictional book about boxing) is phenomenal.

    Finished Open and Jackpot at the beach last week. Interesting insight into Agassi as told by him, obviously. Jackpot is about the SC Gentleman drug smugglers. Great beach read.
    I taught with a lady that was married to one of the subjects of the book back in Hilton Head during that time. She was interesting, to say the least. Had some crazy fucking stories. Her life was so eventful that when all the shit about Jerry Richardson came out, she just nonchalantly talked about how she wasn't surprised because he had propositioned her several times when she was a debutante in Charleston. That was a d level story for her.

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    i only read the former but I dug it

    unconventional narrative structure

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    Quote Originally Posted by mako1331 View Post
    Pick my next book for me Bookbuddies-

    A Visit from the Goon Squad or The Man in the High Castle?
    Goon Squad is one of my favorite books ever. There were some mixed reviews when it came out (possibly from this board?) but it hit me, man.

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    Today is independent book store day so make sure you hit up your local store.

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    Having read the series, Iím kind of disturbed by how much I identify with Rabbit Angstrom. Also kind of comforted. I guess thatís part of the point.

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    Just finished 'A Clockwork Orange.' What a book! If you're not familiar, it's about teen delinquency and the government's methods to eliminate it via extreme adverse therapy. Struck a chord with me because my main circle of "friends" in 10th to 11th grade were kind of a destructive bunch. No murder or rape or anything THAT serious, but they definitely took their destructive tendencies too far at times. Whatever, eh? Back to the point - ACO is now one of my favorite books of all time.
    Skip rope, Evil!

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    Just finished Leave the World Behind, which takes place in a rental home during an apocalyptic event. It's also kind of a look into race and class systems too. I finished it in a few days and it was on EW's list of 10 best books of 2020.

    Thinking of starting either The Glass House or Deacon King Kong next.

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    Just finished "Going Down Tobacco Road". This will be an interesting read for anyone who has ties to Winston-Salem going back to the 70's and 80's, when Reynolds still pretty much "owned the town". I may go back and read "Barbarians at the Gate".

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    Have you read Bitter Blood?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KickballDeac View Post
    Have you read Bitter Blood?
    Oh yeah; did a "driving tour" afterwards of all the prime spots in the W-S/Greensboro area.

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    I finished The Decameron the other day. Those folks sure did like telling stories about sex. Literary impact aside, the most interesting part for me was the prologue where he talked about the plague. As bad as the coronavirus has been, it's hard to imagine something like the Black Death.

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    The prologues are always the best in those frame stories

    (Also, impressive work. I've never felt the desire to read all of the decameron)

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    I am super pumped for Patricia Lockwood's first novel

    if there is a better American writer right now, I don't know who it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by mako1331 View Post
    I'm currently working my way through The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen. It's a good book, and beautifully written, but after 4 Stephen King Novels in a row it is a pretty slow go. Doesn't help that his paragraphs extend pages at times. Still, it has the funniest sexual awakening/squid masturbation scene I think I've ever read.
    If you thought that was slow do not pick up his nonfiction Nothing Ever Dies. First book of the year I am not going to finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KennyRogersRoast View Post
    If you thought that was slow do not pick up his nonfiction Nothing Ever Dies. First book of the year I am not going to finish.
    I remember liking his short fiction, from *The Refugees* I think.

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    Just slogged through The Famished Road by Ben Okri. Tough going after about the halfway point but glad I finished because the last third is the best part of the book. Will not be going in for the final two in the trilogy, however.

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    Just finished Deacon King Kong and it might be one of my favorite books I've read in a really long time. Had to rush through the last 40% because it was on loan but it was such a well written book with so much personality. Highly recommend

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