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Thread: Banned (7 days): District Deacon

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    Banned (7 days): District Deacon

    Welp, you're all adults, so I've pretty much let most everything go on the politics board wrt name-calling, but racist/anti-semitic attacks and comments aren't gonna fly around here. District Deacon has been banned for one week for the following comment:

    Quote Originally Posted by DistrictDeacon View Post
    Stop being such a know-it-all Jew.
    Lets try and keep it to the simple insults from now on, like "asshole"/etc.

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    Thunder cunt.
    Football. Bloody Hell.

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    doo doo head

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    i'm sure it would be fine to say to wrangor - stop being such a know-it-all fundamentalist

    oh well, the whining cunt gets her way again, and so it goes.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milhouse View Post
    i'm sure it would be fine to say to wrangor - stop being such a know-it-all fundamentalist

    oh well, the whining cunt gets her way again, and so it goes.....
    on this subject this seems to apply to a lot of people

    just drivin' round in John Voight's car

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    cock juggler

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    So calling someone a Jew is an insult?

    Isn't suggesting that even more insulting?

    Buncha reactionary know it all fake baptists around here.

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    Dennis: This Jew's in for a ton of work.
    Mac and Charlie: Oh!
    Dennis: Whoa, what?
    Mac: Come on, man. You can't say things like that.
    Dennis: I don’t know what I said. What'd I say?
    Charlie: You dropped a hard "J" on us.

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    MAC: Okay. I think the Lawyer’s right, we need to send this guy a message.

    CHARLIE: Yeah, maybe scare him or something.

    MAC: Yeah.

    DENNIS: Okay. But let’s be really careful about this, guys. We don’t want to send the wrong message. I don’t want to come off as Anti-Semitic.

    CHARLIE: Anti-Semitic?!

    MAC: This has nothing to do with that.

    CHARLIE: No, of course not.

    MAC: We don’t have a problem with Jews. It’s just this guy in particular.

    DENNIS: Come on, Mac, that’s not funny. There’s no reason to be throwing around slurs like that.

    CHARLIE: What slurs?

    DENNIS: Mac said “Jews”. This is exactly what I’m talking about.

    MAC: I called them Jews. That’s what they are.

    DENNIS: C’mon, dude, stop! This is making me really uncomfortable.

    CHARLIE: Calling someone a Jew is not AntiSemitic, Dennis.

    DENNIS: What do you know? You don’t even know what’s happening in Israel.

    MAC: That’s true, dude. You don’t. Maybe you shouldn’t be speaking on the subject.

    CHARLIE: Do you two know what’s going on in Israel?

    MAC: Yeah, man.

    CHARLIE: Okay. Explain it to me.

    DENNIS: Okay... the people there, I mean, okay, there are terrorists who, and they make bombs...

    MAC: ...And they want to keep all the oil for themselves... and Saddam Hussein...

    DENNIS: ...yeah, yeah, yeah, Saddm Hussein. We wanted to help them...

    CHARLIE: Okay. I’m gonna stop you there. Thanks for clearing that up.

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