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Thread: Tell me about Portland, OR

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    Pok Pok dinner wait is INSANE. Go for lunch, or go early, get your name down, and then go to the Whiskey Soda Lounge (just down the street on Division, associated with Pok Pok and serves as their waiting room) for some pre-dinner drinks or something. There's also a Salt and Straw across the street on Division.

    I'll make more comments on this this afternoon.

    Have yall been up here before? If not, you definitely need to drive out to Multnomah Falls. It's like 30min outside of downtown and the drive into the gorge is ridiculous. It would be silly NOT to go, it's so accessible.
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    we have a reservation, so we shouldnt have a wait.

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    oh score. nvm then.

    Do you know where you'll be working tomorrow?
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    no idea.

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    so you need food tomorrow, saturday breakfast/lunch, sunday breakfast/lunch?
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    cool. i'll post this afternoon.
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    im hoping to drive out of the city sunday and do some hiking,s o we should check out the falls then. i think we may have a brunch res for sunday. not sure as ive been getting crushed with work, and the folks in our group are doing some planning.

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    cookout = blabbermouth?
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    Pok Pok is the fucking jam.

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    cool. one of the tasty'n'(alder) (sons) on the list you put up would be solid for brunch. Tabor Tavern is also a really good brunch spot for a group, and I don't think as well known so the wait is generally minimal, if there is one, on a Sunday. Compare that to somewhere like Screen Door where you wait 2 hrs...
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    cookout = blabbermouth?
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    My buddy raves about screen door. Is it that good?

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    I can vouch for Little Big Burger. Had it for lunch one day last week and it was great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfudkn View Post
    My buddy raves about screen door. Is it that good?
    It IS good.... but if you're from the south, it's pretty standard fare, so it's hard for me to justify the wait.

    Quote Originally Posted by WilmingtonDeac View Post
    I can vouch for Little Big Burger. Had it for lunch one day last week and it was great.
    It is a great lunch spot. Literally, all they have are burgers (which are smaller, but delicious) and fries (which are done in truffle oil and they're BANGIN) and root beer floats. They also have beers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deacphan View Post
    is this the latest pdx thread? headed up there tonight for the weekend. i know we're doing pok pok saturday night, and i'll be working from a few coffee shops tomorrow. need other reccos. here's what my friend said, so any feedback on that would be TIGHT:

    Rent some bikes if the weather is good, can go from westside to east drunk without a problem.
    Saturday Farmer's Market at PSU is really awesome - stand in line for Pine State Biscuits or the hatch breakfast burritos - both worth it
    Saturday market down by the waterside is probably worth it just to see that area, but I've only been once and don't need to go back
    There are so many bars & music venues that I just wrote down a bunch of places to eat - but refs haven't been to a lot of good places, so don't take it as gospel.
    Rose Garden & Hoyt Arbortorium is nice if you like that stuff. Japanese Gardens are up here, too - $9 entry, but really neat if you appreciate that kind of thing. The views from up there are great, too; City-scape and mount hood, etc.
    Cannon Beach, Multnomah, Mt. Hood, & Hood River are all great if the weather is good and you want to drive. yes to all of these; if you're hiking on Sunday and do a short hike in the gorge and then drive out further to Hood River for afternoon meal, go either to Pfriem or Double Mountain for beers/foods. both are awesome - the pizza at DM is incredible, it's my favorite of the two.

    NW (23rd/21st):
    Bars (mostly divey)- Wimpy's, Darkhorse, Blue Moon, Silver Dollar, Underdog, Marathon, Matador, 21st Ave Bar & Grill patio, Nob Hill Bar & Grill I'm going to add north 45 to this list.
    Barista - I get a cappuccino here once a week
    Little Big Burger - truffle fries They also have locations downtown on 10th and... Davis? right near powells, Division, and Alberta
    St. Jack's
    Lela's Bistro - Pork Belly Bahn Mi
    Grant's Philly Cheesesteaks
    Salt n Straw for ice cream, the line is almost always insane you. must. go. they also have locations on Division and Aberta.

    Downtown (downtowny):
    Bailey's Taproom for hipster craft beers yes.
    Santeria's for Mexican
    Mary's Club for oldest strip club on west coast
    Bunk Sandwiches for the pork belly cubano or anything else yes.
    Food Carts all over downtown, google them - hard to rec anything specific, but lots to choose from biggest pod of them is between 9th/10th and alder/washington
    Killer Burger is pretty good
    Powell's Bookstore is solid
    Stumptown Coffee yes - get that hipster pourover. they've also got a location on Division
    Boxer Ramen
    Slice Pizza
    Voodoo Overrated, but a tourist must-do if you're into that kind of thing. Cash only. Better donuts to be had at Blue Star Donuts on 13th and Washington.
    Tasty n Alder Good brunch/breakfast - can definitely have a wait, but solid food. They're the sibling restaurant to Tasty n Sons over on the east side.
    Lardo 100% yes. they also have an east side location on 12th and Hawthorne.
    Boxer Ramen
    Portland City Grill has a rooftop bar, I've been told its a must Never been, but another rooftop option is the bar at The Nines, right at pioneer square. pretty if its a clear afternoon/evening.

    Pearl (yuppie):
    Oba - spanish tapas. great paella. kinda spendy for meals, but their happy hour is pretty good.
    Boke Bowl - ramen - 19th and overton? somewhere in that area? they've got these softbread taco appetizer things that are incredible, and the ramen is ridiculous.

    Mississippi-ish (trendy):
    Bar Bar
    Por Que No (Awesome tacos, also have a location in Hawthorne) yes yes yes. yes. all of the yes. get the guac and chips (the salsa is meh, but the guac is SO good. their margaritas are strong and delicious. i always get the fish tacos, the shrimp are good, and then the other two id say to check out are the 'al pastor' (pork) and the pollo verde. you must go here.
    Bunch of other places I don't know about
    George's Tavern (local joint on Interstate ave, but great fried chicken)
    Tasty n Sons
    rest to come
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    Quote Originally Posted by deacphan View Post
    Alberta (artsy):
    Petite Provence really solid breakfast.
    Pine State Biscuits: you should go here. for real. whether you get one at the saturday farmers market at PSU or hit up this location or the one on Se division, you should go. My favorite is the mcisley - fried chicken, pickles, raw mustard, honey, on a biscuit. jason likes the reggie - bacon egg and cheese on fried chicken on a biscuit. this can also come with gravy (the reggie deluxe)
    Bollywood Theater Cafe - if you like indian food, you should definitely check it out. Indian street cart food. Must gets: daal (lentils) with paratha (bread) for dipping, Chicken kati rolls.
    Bollywood is RIGHT next to Salt and Straw up here; it's quite convenient.

    Hawthorne/Division (hipster) whatever, it's not that hipster. hawthorne... ok, hawthorne is, but division not so much.
    Pok Pok yes, but you're going here.
    Sen Yai sister restaurant to pok pok. northern thai noodle dishes; i love it.
    Ava Gene one of the best restaurants in protland, difficult to get in but maybe you'd have some luck w/ lunch?
    Reel M Inn (awesome fried chicken dive bar)
    Victory Bar (good hipster bar) yep
    Shut up & eat - meatball sub
    Apizza Scholls delish.
    The Barmuda Triangle area
    Whiskey Soda Lounge - good bar area; serves as the waiting room for Pok Pok.
    Por Que No - see previous post. It's probably my favorite restaurant in portland, which is kind of silly... but I don't feel bad about it.

    Middle Eastside:
    Nong's Khao Man Gai - delicious
    Tails n Trotters - Porkstrami sandwich
    I'm not sure what he's talking about by middle east side, so i have nothing to add here.

    I'm gonna nap now - just eat and drink as much as possible.

    just in case, Strip clubs - Casa Diablo, Mary's, Magic Gardens, Sassy's, Devil's Point, Lucky Devil
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    i need more than 3 days... good thing we're already planning the return trip since MY BOY isnt even going to be there.

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    also, awesome. thanks leebs!

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    ye ye ye.

    If you have to narrow it down, of all of those (all of which are incredible) I'd REALLY make an effort to hit: Por Que No, Lardo, Bollywood, Pine State Biscuits, one of the Tasty'n places.
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    well their civil servants seem to have a good amount of free time on their hands

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    enjoyed the city grill....couldnt believe they could host such a cheap happy hour with that view. Got a great seat at the window had 4 drinks and some sushi apps for $15!

    Also Slice pizza was the shit

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