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Thread: 2018-2019 NHL Thread – Thunderstorm Warning

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    2018-2019 NHL Thread – Thunderstorm Warning

    Editing the title cleared out the OP. So this is a boring post now.
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    New thread, new avatar.

    Hoping for good news today.

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    what's going on now?

    /go canes

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    Let them play! Let them play! Let them play!

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    Please for the love of god.

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    Rusty Larue
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    i need to unleash the fury

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipitytheblue View Post
    what's going on now?

    /go canes
    They're meeting at 1pm and there is speculation that the NHLPA will present a counter offer. We may have a better idea after that of whether or not they can get this negotiation moving.

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    This is what happens when you let a team from LA win the Cup. Hockeypocalypse.

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    As long as the lockout continues, I will enjoy watching Ovie, and now Backstrom, play for Dynamo Moscow.

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    Any updates?

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    The players had a conference call that ran over and are now working on their proposal, meeting pushed back to 2:30. There are 18 players in attendance including Crosby, Toews and Eric Staal. Not sure if that is a good or bad sign.

    But at least we have this:

    Week 1 NHL News (From and Alternate Universe Where the NHL Exists)

    ETA: lol at "leafs wont miss playoffs!"
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    NHL lockout 2012: NHLPA presents four offers, all call for gradual decrease to 50/50 split

    So they are at least on the same page? Kind of starting to feel a glimmer of hope, you guys.

    I'm also curious about how the offers are different.

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    Welp, nevermind. Bettman's comments are super negative. Doesn't like the player proposals and says the offer the NHL made is the best they can make.

    Interested to hear Fehr's take since I kind of default to not believing a thing Bettman says.

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    Where are you getting updates?

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    The Twitter machine. I follow a bunch of writers that are camped out at the NHLPA offices. I can give specifics if people want, though its mostly noise.

    One reporter said that the NHLPA's offers didn't guarantee that the split would get down to 50%. Assuming they set up a methodology similar to their last offers, I'm guessing the disconnect may be the expected growth rate in revenues (NHL wants to use 5%, players 7%.)

    Woops, I take that back, the second option apparently gets owners down to 50% with onlly 5% growth. Option 3 had the players going to 50/50 as long as the owners promise to honor all contracts that were signed by the players, and they would get 13% up front to cover those contacts.

    If that's true and Gary Bettman just stormed off like a petulant child, I'm going to believe that the NHL's offer was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

    I wish they would just use a luxury tax.

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