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Thread: CBM: Marvel Phase 4 slate/Venom 2 trailer

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    i'm not going to spoil it, but there is a cameo in first class that is hysterical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhDeac View Post
    Don't know if anybody here played Batman: Arkham Asylum, but the sequel Arkham City looks sick. Just released today that 10% of the game is playing with Catwoman. Good shots of Joker and Two-Face as well.

    This game is going to be awesome. The first one was great.

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    I don't think it's a spoiler to give a warning to movie-goers to NOT stick around after the credits if you're expecting the usual Marvel post-credit extra clip. There ain't one for this X-Men.

    As for the movie-

    On another note, I'd been ignoring "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" up to now, just because of how dreadful the last one was with Marky Mark. However, the preview for the upcoming one looked quite promising.

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    Yeah save the spoilers till after the weekend even though I probably won't see it until next weekend at best.

    Good husband FAIL.

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    I was just looking through the credits of the new X-Men movie and saw a name that made me say "No, it can't be. It just can't be"

    Well it was:

    Hint, when there's a scene with a Russian general, wave your British flags, you know, the ones you bought back in 2000.

    Note: the above link provides no spoilers relevant to the plot of the movie.

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    The last thirty minutes or so make the movie. Very tense and emotional.

    And yes, the cameo is great. Got a huge response in the theater.

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    Just saw the movie tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. Solid acting and the plot was really engaging. Agree that the last 30 minutes was badass. The cameo was hilarious and I enjoyed the other brief cameo too.

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    I thought it was good, not great. Fassbender was by far the best part.

    I saw Neil Fingleton's name in the credits and wondered if it was THE Neil Fingleton. Wow. Didn't recognize him in the movie, although that's not really a guy I'd be looking for.

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    Caught X-Men last night and thought it was terrific. Discussed with DCDeac about how its nearly impossible to make a comic book movie that's not predictable, but I still thought it was well done.

    And yes, Fassbender makes the movie. He CRUSHED that role. I'm secretly hoping they don't make a sequel, just so we can leave Magneto where he is.

    Also, January Jones is terrible.

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    I was disappointed. It failed to live up to it's potential.

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    I enjoyed First Class. Was not as good as the best superhero movies, like Iron Man, the first Spiderman, and Dark Knight. Some of the Magneto pontificating gets a little old - there is a lot of standing around declaiming great truths in shakespearean poses. Do people really do that when they are in the middle of a huge life-threatening world-altering crisis?


    Agree that the cameo was hilarious and perfect for that character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilliesDeacs View Post

    Also, January Jones is terrible.
    Completely agree. I believe she was a last minute replacement, but she did no justice to one of my favorite characters. Emma is a character with a ton of depth. I think one of the only redeeming things that Grant Morrison did in his run on X-men was kill of Jean Grey and replace her with Emma as an X-man/Cyclops love interest.

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    I enjoyed the movie, despite a few unintentionally funny lines from January Jones and Kevin "evil German" Bacon.

    That being said, I thought this review kind of nailed why I came away feeling like it lacked something.

    "It's a strangely talky motion picture that tries to advance several philosophical themes; these would have been more interesting if we weren't already aware of how they will play out in the "future" X-Men trilogy."

    When they focused on mutants coping with their abilities/freakishness, the movie worked. When it switched back to the whole "humans fear and hate us" shtick, you can't help but feel like you're just rewatching scenes from the other movies.

    Still a fun movie to watch though. Magneto was boss.

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    I will also add that it was difficult for me to buy Kevin Bacon as an evil mastermind bent on world domination. Bacon did a fine job, it's just such a huge switch from his prior roles and he is such a recognizable dude. The helmet did not help matters.

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    Anyone see Super 8 yet? Sounds like it's pretty good but I'm not convinced it's worth a first-run viewing.

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    The all out marketing for Green Lantern is becoming very annoying. Why does Green Lantern need Reese's and Subway commercials? It makes me nervous that the movie is awful so they feel the need to market the hell out of it.

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    Saw X Men yesterday, def an enjoyable film. January can't act but who is paying attention when she looks so hot.

    I'm in love w/ the chick from Winter's Bone already then I saw this movie and she's in fck me boots the whole movie. VERY nice. Loved Magneto spitting game.

    The cameo was great. Also, I hate the bitch w/ the wings/spits fire. Hated her since the comic book. Now I really really hate her.

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    I liked the Dr. Strangelove war room.

    Fassbender was great. Prof. X was pretty good, too. It was alright -- I liked it better than Thor, but both were worth a viewing.
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    I disagree with you
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    saw Super 8; it was ok/good, definitely had that old-school Spielberg feel. a lot more visceral/violent than I expected.

    I thought the alien was dumb looking, though.

    surprisingly good child-actors and I really enjoyed watching "The Case" at the end.

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