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Thread: Ongoing gun violence/injury thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhDeac View Post
    What period are you talking about? Weíre less than three months into 2021.
    Got the ole fox news 20 homicides in the first few months in 2021 vs 1 in 2020 story on the yahoo today. Of course there's been a whole pandemic since then too....

    Looks like the ATL shooter was a religious nut who experienced shame that he went to the parlors for sex. Certainly an unexpected motive....

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    Read an interesting Atlantic article today on Asian violence that spent some time discussing the Asian/Black relations. They made an interesting point that differentiated that 2nd/3rd generation asian americans are likely to be progressive and understanding of the racism african americans deal with, whereas 1st generation immigrants tend to be a bit more racist. My wife has made a comment or two here or there over 4 years that I had to shut down and educate her a bit. Her sister is married to a retired cop that I'm not allowed to comment on his facebook posts anymore as he's retired and just listens to right wing radio all day. The sister feels similarly and is probably my wife's closest friend. He's moving to Couer D'Alene inspired by all the white guys preventing the BLM protests in Spokane this summer so....... yeah.

    I got an annoyed comment while watching the Bachelor finale with Emmanuel Acho like "Why aren't we talking about the black people attacking us" on Monday, as soon I saw the story yesterday she hadn't heard about the shootings yet and I showed her it was a white guy.... she immediately shared it with all her sisters/friends and it's like interesting to witness educating people on being more tolerant and seeing it in action.

    The past week is probably the first time I've ever thought of someone attacking me or my spouse due to her race. It's a very minor thought with remote possibility that I've thought about for probably a few hours at most. Now extrapolate that to african americans and making it a major thought for a few decades of life that must not be fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhDeac View Post
    The only thing they've got going for them is being white in society where white violence has paved a path for them.
    And lots of guns

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    Oh yes. Continuing the tradition of their forefathers.

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    Robert Long struggled with pornography, killed 8, and was a deeply religious Southern Baptist, which contrasts mystify many of his fellow evangelical Christians. Perhaps if they connected the dots some clarity might emerge.
    1. A "sexual purity" subculture of shaming and condemnation rather than education regarding sexual desire as well as sexual acts.
    2. A religious subculture that casts suspicion and shame upon all psychological help that is not "Bible-based."
    3. A religious tradition that views women since Eve as temptresses responsible to dress and act to suppress male sexuality, except after marriage, when objectification is encouraged.
    4. A white nationalistic religious subculture that has silently accepted or even encouraged the verbal and physical abuse of immigrants and non-white minorities, including a rise in hate attacks against Asians (AAPI) since the pandemic--Chinese virus.
    5. A religious culture that is committed to gun violence as the solution to peace and security.

    Connect those dots, Southern Baptists, and clarity about how a committed church boy might decide, after considering suicide, instead buy a gun and, as he told investigators, try to eliminate temptation by killing sexualized Asian women in spas for the glory of God. As a recovering Southern Baptist, I call for confession and repentance.

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    Well, since he didn't killed any white people and he repented, why not let him go?

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    Bump. Fuck guns.

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    Gotta love the NRA tweeting out the text of the 2nd Amendment tonight. Assholes.

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    I have to tell you since I moved to South Carolina I feel like I live in the Wild, Wild, West. Guns galore. Now these assholes pass an open gun amendment. Just what I need; sitting next to a guy in a nice restaurant with his .45 in my face, just because he can. Don't get me wrong; while I am all for banning any type of assault weapon I am not against a licensed, tested, etc, individual having a hand gun. I just don't need it in my face. If the NRA wants to call that a deterrent, I pass.
    Personally, I like the very restrictive gun policies they have in New York/New Jersey.
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    Automatic weapons are made to do one thing, kill human beings. American civilians should not have access to them. You want to own an automatic weapon? Join your state's well regulated militia, aka the National Guard.

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    Is the 2nd Amendment the worst thing to ever happen to America?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarcaDeac View Post
    Is the 2nd Amendment the worst thing to ever happen to America?
    up there with Ron Wellman for sure

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    For irrelevant reasons, I took a peek into my spam folder and found an e-mail from convervative*spam*.com that caught my attention due to the timing (last night) and subject heading. Here's what they're selling a few hours after the Denver shooting:

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    Colorado citizens have plenty of guns. Didn't stop this guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deactherunner View Post
    Colorado citizens have plenty of guns. Didn't stop this guy.
    A cop with a gun died too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarcaDeac View Post
    Is the 2nd Amendment the worst thing to ever happen to America?

    No. But it sucks.
    I love mankind...itís people I canít stand!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConnorEl View Post
    No. But it sucks.
    yeah that statement was not well-thought out on my part. but, is the 2nd Amendment the worst thing America still has in place?

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    The shooter's name is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. So now you know the REAL problem (note this is sarcasm mocking the new narrative forming from a certain segment, most notably to move away from guns as a problem).

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    Can you imagine visiting the United States for the first time and not knowing any better, and you walk into a Subway to see some overweight neckbeard with an AR-15 on his back? I'd wonder if I stumbled into some portal.

    I worked a part time job a few years ago for a greenhouse that supplied plants to Lowe's stores, and so many people walked in with pistols on their hip, like they would turn into John Wick if shit really popped off.

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