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Thread: Ongoing gun violence/injury thread

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    It's almost as though it may not be JUST guns or JUST people, but the intersection of a person having a moment of weakness and just so happens to be carrying a gun because they're everywhere.

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    Not sure if this one falls under the democratic cities are a hellhole of violence or that there's too many guns out there

    Woman walking with baby stroller shot to death in NYC

    Wed, June 29, 2022, 8:10 PM
    A 20-year-old woman was shot to death while pushing a 3-month-old baby in a stroller on New York City's Upper East Side on Wednesday night, police said.

    The unidentified woman was pushing a baby stroller on Lexington Avenue and East 95th Street around 8:25 p.m. when a man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt came up from behind and shot her in the head, ABC News New York station WABC reported.

    An unknown person approached her and fired a single shot at close range, police said. The suspect fled immediately afterward on foot, traveling east along East 95th Street, according to the NYPD. He was last seen wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants, in all black.
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    Homicide Deaths Among Adult Cohabitants of Handgun Owners in California, 2004 to 2016



    Although personal protection is a major motivation for purchasing firearms, existing studies suggest that people living in homes with firearms have higher risks for dying by homicide. Distribution of those risks among household members is poorly understood.


    To estimate the association between living with a lawful handgun owner and risk for homicide victimization.


    This retrospective cohort study followed 17.6 million adult residents of California for up to 12 years 2 months (18 October 2004 through 31 December 2016). Cohort members did not own handguns, but some started residing with lawful handgun owners during follow-up.




    17 569 096 voter registrants aged 21 years or older.


    Homicide (overall, by firearm, and by other methods) and homicide occurring in the victim's home.


    Of 595 448 cohort members who commenced residing with handgun owners, two thirds were women. A total of 737 012 cohort members died; 2293 died by homicide. Overall rates of homicide were more than twice as high among cohabitants of handgun owners than among cohabitants of nonowners (adjusted hazard ratio, 2.33 [95% CI, 1.78 to 3.05]). These elevated rates were driven largely by higher rates of homicide by firearm (adjusted hazard ratio, 2.83 [CI, 2.05 to 3.91]). Among homicides occurring at home, cohabitants of owners had sevenfold higher rates of being fatally shot by a spouse or intimate partner (adjusted hazard ratio, 7.16 [CI, 4.04 to 12.69]); 84% of these victims were female.


    Some cohort members classified as unexposed may have lived in homes with handguns. Residents of homes with and without handguns may have differed on unobserved traits associated with homicide risk.


    Living with a handgun owner is associated with substantially elevated risk for dying by homicide. Women are disproportionately affected.
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    This was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. They looked at 17 million adults in CA over 12 years. If someone lived with a handgun owner, they we 2-3 times more likely to be murdered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WakeForestRanger View Post
    How long does it take for something like this to make its way to SCOTUS between all the appeals courts and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarcaDeac View Post
    How long does it take for something like this to make its way to SCOTUS between all the appeals courts and such.
    Itís up to NY for it not to matter. Is Scaliaís ghost going to prevent them from enforcing the law?

    Hell what would President Trump do? Bring in the National Guard to usher gun nuts into private businesses?

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    Short sighted idiotic death cult.

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