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Thread: The Pit Parenting Thread

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    Our little bastards have a plethora of Nerf guns, including one that is fully automatic, powered by 6 D batteries, and holds 100 balls that shoot out at like 50mph. Since it is summer vacation and they have little to do, they enjoy running into a room and unloading it on each other like Charlie just ambushed the squadron back in Nam. So over the weekend one of them sprays the entire 100 balls around the room at the other, so the balls are fucking everywhere. Apparently a few of them got up over the top of and inside a 6' halogen floor lamp. So a few hours later on Father's Day all of a sudden the lamp starts pouring out black smoke and flames start shooting out the top. Luckily we were in the room and got it outside before it burned the house down. Managed to save the lamp, but needless to say that gun has been put away.
    LOL...this sounds like my house except we only have the nerf darts.

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    Nerf darts are scattered all over my house from the sleepover. One of the dogs eats them. We’ve found blue and orange poops in the yard.

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