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Thread: Ongoing NC GOP debacle thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by silk View Post
    I'm a NC Democrat and it wasn't just crap governors. These govs busted NC financially, We also had criminals in the house. Now the pendulum has shifted too far the other way. I have no problem with the pubs throwing out stuff to see what may work but I'm getting concerned that the pubs seem to oppose anything that a Democrat supports.

    In general I believe that government works better the closer it is to the voters. The state messing in a district's school board goes too far.
    On the other hand Wake County school board seems to gone crazy.
    Good post. Pos rep for the truth. The things that Jim Black and MSP were convicted for, the Nifong appointment/reelection and (and many of the revenue siphoning decisions of Basnight) send BBD a hearty hello and nice to meet you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhmd2000 View Post
    "on the rise economically" = significantly higher unemployment than the national average. Good God, I'd hate to see what your definition of decline is by those lofty standards. Keep lying to yourself, BBD.

    Significantly lower for the whole decade of the 90s, significantly higher for about 2-3 years in the early 2000's, right in line in the mid-2000's, significantly higher since the economic downturn and since the Republicans took over the General Assembly

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArsenalDeac View Post

    NC GOP insists our local school board should start having partisan elections, then the sponsor of the bill strong arms a radio show off the air after criticizing the bill.
    Mike Stone sucks so hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeachBumDeac View Post
    Significantly lower for the whole decade of the 90s, significantly higher for about 2-3 years in the early 2000's, right in line in the mid-2000's, significantly higher since the economic downturn and since the Republicans took over the General Assembly
    Nice use of linked facts to make an argument. Pos rep.

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    RALEIGH, N.C. ó Concealed handgun permit holders would be able to lock their handguns in their cars when they park on college campuses under a sweeping gun rights measure that passed the House Judiciary A Committee Wednesday.


    Jack Moorman, chief of the North Carolina State University Police Department, also said allowing guns on campus was a bad idea. Thefts from cars are one of the most frequent crimes on campus, he said. As well, the campus has experience with concealed handgun permit holders who were either carrying on campus illegally or acting out in other ways.

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    RALEIGH, N.C. ó It took just 45 minutes Thursday morning for the Senate Commerce Committee to approve a massive rollback of rules and regulations meant to protect the state's environment.

    Senate Bill 612 would require cities and counties to repeal any rules stricter than state or federal law. It would also require a list of environmental oversight boards and agencies to repeal or rewrite any state rule stricter than federal regulation on any given matter.

    Those agencies include the Mining and Energy Commission, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Environmental Management Commission, the Commission for Public Health, the Pesticide Board and the Coastal Resources, Marine Fisheries, Wildlife Resources and Sedimentation Control commissions.

    The bill would also do away with riparian buffers on private property throughout the Neuse and Tar-Pamlico river basins.

    Those two basins cover a huge swath of eastern North Carolina, stretching from the Virginia border through Raleigh and Rocky Mount all the way to Greenville and New Bern at the coast. Watersheds include Eno, Falls Lake, Crabtree, Lake Mattamuskeet and Swan Quarter estuaries.

    Senate sponsors said they did not know how many acres the riparian repeal would affect. The buffers are intended to protect river water quality from the pressures of development.

    The bill would also permit demolition crews, including those working on old power plants, to dispose of potentially toxic materials on site, instead of transporting them to a landfill.

    Sponsor Sen. Harry Brown, R-Onslow, said the bill "will roll some of these rules and regulations back to make this state more business-friendly."

    The proposed committee substitute, unveiled just hours before the meeting, is much larger in scope than the original measure that was available to the public before the meeting.

    It was originally referred to the Environment Committee, but was re-referred to the Commerce Committee on Tuesday.

    Representatives for various interest groups were caught off-guard by the changes. No one from DENR was even in the room to comment on the proposal till halfway through the meeting.

    Asked about the riparian buffer and state law rollbacks, Deputy Water Quality Director Ted Bush said, "I don't know DENR's position," adding, "I had not seen this language prior to today."

    Sen. Floyd McKissick, D-Durham, asked for the reasoning behind banning local governments from enacting ordinances and rules stricter than federal rules, which, he pointed out, are "meant to establish a floor, not a ceiling" for environmental regulation.

    McKissick said communities in the mountains might have different local needs than those in the Piedmont or at the coast. "Why wouldn't we want to allow some local variation?" he asked.

    "This says local government can't go any farther than the state and federal rules that are out there," Brown reiterated. "It takes a look at some of those rules and puts them back to some common sense, to be quite honest."

    The only member of the public who accepted the invitation to comment on the bill was Mary Maclean Asbill with the Southern Environmental Law Center in Chapel Hill. She urged the committee to delay a vote on the measure until they could get more information about its likely effects. "There's some really meaty issues in this bill," she warned. "It's massive."

    The committee approved the bill on a voice vote that appeared to be on party lines. Its next stop is the Senate floor, where it could get a vote as soon as Monday night.

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    Besides the ongoing Raleigh power grab, NC is already viewed as one of the most business friendly states.

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    Senate passes bill allowing hunters to use silencers.

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    Small government strikes again, I see.

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    Election board takes up investigation against McCrory on possible illegal campaign financing...McCrory replaces everyone on the board.

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    Some North Carolinians who post here should think about running for the NC Legislature.

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    Big government conservatives bullying local governments. Change you can believe in.

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    Interesting article about the GOP and rural areas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFFaithful View Post
    Interesting article about the GOP and rural areas.
    thanks for posting.

    just highlights that instead of doing anything that would actually HELP rural NC, the state legislature is spending time on these local political payback bills from the likes of Trudy Wade in Guilford County and whoever is pushing the city-smacking in Wake, Buncombe, and Mecklenburg.

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    The GOP works for the rich.

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    finally some good stuff out of Raleigh

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    As a side note, we have yet another example of a chairman declaring a bill passed committee by voice vote when the true outcome is not clear.

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    Chris Fitzsimon on three reactionary months

    But this General Assembly is different. Many of the choices these lawmakers have made and continue to make are not just important policy decisions, but radical shifts in North Carolina that directly affect millions of people, the vast majority of them negatively.
    I love mankind...itís people I canít stand!!

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    Editorial: Two ‘Gov. Jims” together on financing judicial elections

    The News & Observer of Raleigh | Posted: Monday, May 6, 2013 12:00 am

    The News & Observer of Raleigh published this editorial last week.

    Jim Holshouser was at one time a hero to his fellow Republicans. A sound legislator, a whip-smart lawyer and a good guy with a way of connecting to ordinary folks, the man with the memorable accent of his native North Carolina mountains was the first Republican elected governor of North Carolina in the 20th century, in 1972.

    Jim Hunt, no less a hero to his fellow Democrats, is the only person to live in the gingerbread house on Blount Street for four terms, and in his 16 years in office championed more good vision, from improving public education to N.C. State’s Centennial Campus, than any chief executive in history. So when these two former governors endorse something, one would think Republicans and Democrats alike might sit up and take notice.

    Holshouser and Hunt, in letters to newspapers around North Carolina, support the preservation of public funding for judicial elections in North Carolina. It lessens the likelihood that judicial candidates will go out stumping and spouting partisan rhetoric or taking positions on judicial issues. It also means judicial candidates don’t have to go hat-in-hand to special interests to fill their campaign coffers.

    Alas, some Republicans … want to do away with the financing program. Perhaps [they] believe that putting special interest money into judicial campaigns will improve their party’s chances. That’s sad and it’s wrong.
    I love mankind...itís people I canít stand!!

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    Even the Speaker of the House thinks the NC GOP is being stupid

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