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Thread: Ongoing NC GOP debacle thread

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    Dan Bishop better keep the words "ABC Store" out of his whore mouth.

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    Nice job, NC District 9, voting this bozo into office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeaconSig View Post
    Dan Bishop better keep the words "ABC Store" out of his whore mouth.
    Looks like Bishop is threatening our 21st Amendment rights.

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    Anyone who wants to show up to that, and other, dumb protest should sign a waiver that they won't take a hospital bed or ventilator. Idiots.

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    GOP debacle indeed.

    They are an embarrassment to humanity.
    I love mankind...itís people I canít stand!!

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    Shockingly, NC Republicans chose a racist asshole to be their candidate for Lt. Governor

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFFaithful View Post
    Shockingly, NC Republicans chose a racist asshole to be their candidate for Lt. Governor
    What'd he do now

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoosierDeac View Post
    What'd he do now
    Just your run of the mill antisemitic, homophobic, and sexist Facebook posting. Your typical Jewish people control the media, women who wear dresses are whores, acceptance of homosexuality represents a slide towards pedophilia, Obama is an anti-American atheist kind of stuff. Ya know, boilerplate GOP talking points.
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    Welp, dumbasses voted fer him Ďcause of the R next ta his name.

    Wake up, dumbasses.
    I love mankind...itís people I canít stand!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WakeForestRanger View Post
    No surprise. And of course it's unprecedented and unparalleled, it's what the GOP (the party of conservatism and respect for traditions, lol) does nowadays. The one saving grace here is that the Democrats still have a bare 4 to 3 Court majority, at least through 2022.

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    Several GOP state senators are introducing a bill that would force all public school systems in NC to reopen with face-to-face learning within 15 days of the bill being passed, kindergarten through twelfth grade. It appears to have a good deal of support from Republicans in both houses of the state legislature, including Phil Berger. Both Gov. Cooper and the NCAE support letting the local school districts decide whether to reopen or stay online. Most of the state's larger urban counties have reopened elementary school for in-person classes, but have kept middle and especially high schools online - Durham County voted last month to remain online for the entire school year. If the bill passes and Cooper vetoes it, there may be enough votes to override the veto. I guess in some situations the GOP doesn't think "big top-down government" is such a bad thing.

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    Teachers must report in writing to the student's parents if the student "exhibited symptoms of gender nonconformity."

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