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Thread: Pit Pet Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerswood View Post
    She's 3, and has been doing it off and on her whole life. Have switched foods a couple times, to a nice/expensive one, and really don't think she's lacking in nutrients or anything. She seems to only eat other dogs' poop, not her own - and my girlfriend has 2 dogs. Your strategy sounds fine, but it's not really practical to be watching her every time I let her outside to go to the bathroom or play.
    Agreed, it's not. I kinda just made it a point one or twice a week to look for it and see if I could catch her in the act

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    I disagree with you
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    man, just got the word from the wife that our dog has a 'gnarly sized mass' on his stomach, liver or pancreas

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerswood View Post
    Gross question - how do you get a dog to stop eating poop? It's easy when they're on a leash, but when they're out in a fenced in yard, it's impossible, unless you're monitoring them 100% of the time. I've heard/read that there are powders you can put on their (and your other pets') food to make it taste horrible. Any specific recs?

    My parent's dog used to eat my dog's poop when he would go to visit. This helped some. Give them to your girlfriend's dog.

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    cookout = blabbermouth?
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    Haven’t posted a pic of my girls lately. They’re perfect.

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    Robert O'Kelley
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    I've had 7 retriever breed (golden & flat coat) dogs in my lifetime but one of my current ones is the first I've experienced "exercise induced collapse." He'll be playing then all of a sudden his back legs get super weak and he basically slinks around for a short time and/or quickly sits down and stays down (on his belly). Comes out of the blue as sometimes it's 5 minutes of activity, other times it's 30 minutes +. It was scary at first but it's not a big deal since we identified the issue and he's never pushed past that point to where he could damage his body. After a few minutes of relaxing he pops up like his normal self.

    According to the University of Minnesota, EIC is pretty much confined to retriever breeds.
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