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Thread: Online Virtual Coach Simulation

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    I am. Iíve had an extremely good run in recruiting culminating in a 1/1 class last season after my elite 8 run. Been a bit of a mess this season but Iím still enjoying the game. The more active league has been a lot of fun for me

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    I'm still keeping my team warm while waiting for improvements by kmoney. I'm a free small program instead of an upgraded Large, and primarily recruiting locally. Just trying to avoid getting classes rated 200+ and then have a bunch of improvements renew my interest in the game. Two whole seasons of my team under-performing my recruiting by 100 points kind of killed my interest. kmoney is working on tightening the relationship between coaching and results, which would include tamping down the randomness of the game, too.

    The test league is empty enough to not have to devote too much time to recruiting to get a good class. I have a top 20 team there.

    Congrats to tau. He was #2 ranked last year and brought in a 1/1 class, so he'll be making deep, serious runs in the NTT for a while. Good luck.

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    Are improvements definitely coming?

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    Stamina was added to the test league, but not promoted to real leagues yet. There is much discussion and a million different opinions on how to tweak it from its current form.

    here a guy is trying to give his team away, and discussion turns to how player and team performance seem disconnected, and coaching instructions don't make any noticeable/expected changes to gameplay. kmoney said in Dec that he would get on this

    As always, changes are slow in this game.

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    I'm still plugging away. I've only ever been a small program, so it doesn't cost me anything.

    My freshman point guard had 21 assists and 1 TO yesterday. I lost.

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    My test league team in Spokane just won its second NTT. Graduated a 2/2 class and brought in a 2/1 class. Got my second and third +10 recruits back-to-back in last two seasons. I have a +10 PG and C. So I have that going for me, and total enlightenment when I die, which is nice....

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    I'm not exactly sure what this is but from what I can tell this is very similar to NCBCA which is an 80 team college basketball multiplayer league. Ive played it for a few seasons and its really fun. I would suggest you guys to try it.

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    San Antonio is also plugging away. we have been dreadful in winning maxes, so i have employed a 5 max system (17,17,17,16,16) to try to offset my misfortune and only stay on 3. it worked out well last season as we got the 6/3 class...but don't let that fool you as we again lost all ties. we ended up with:

    Peter Young - CL max - +6
    Ivan Schroeder - CL Net Lead - +5/-2(int)
    Arthur Tryon - Net @ 28 - +3/-1 - i had this guy at 28 and i guess the other team had a better pick

    Young and Schroeder will start all 4 seasons. heck, Young is one of the better players i have gotten, at 6'8 g,e,g,g,f,g, since the game restarted.

    This season i went with 5 again...

    Griffen Egbert (44)
    Charles Rodriquez (NL now)
    Ethan Moran (NL)
    Damani McLellan (38) - dropped
    Joshua Gillis (17) - dropped

    13 guys NL out of original net. also just hit up an additional 13 guys not on the top 75.

    net work is thin, but i have not been fruitful out of the net so far. Most guys i bump have been maxed.

    Slowly buy surely we are improving:

    Program History
    All Time 128 - 69 (0.650)
    All Time Wins / PR #35 / #23
    Last Year 17 - 7, #30
    Last 5 Years 81 - 39, #32
    Conf Reg / Tourney 2 / 2
    NTTs / FFs / Titles 5 / 0 / 0

    Recent History
    Sn 8 17 - 7, #30 NTT, #34
    Sn 7 19 - 5, #17 NTT, #34
    Sn 6 16 - 8, #60 NTT, #62
    Sn 5 15 - 9, #43 NTT, #12
    Sn 4 14 - 10, #85 RTT, #2

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    Durham is learning to recruit as a small program. Currently using the max 3, drop 1 method, and using schollies to make my net. I screen scrape my local region (9-12) and then maybe 1-2 others. This is really more work than paying the $5 for the spreadsheet, but I'm being a little stubborn about paying for a game at the moment. I may relent.

    For Durham,

    Jared Hayes (31)
    Carl Campbell (56)
    Payton Allen (14) dropped

    We'll see how the net goes.

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    awaken, i did that for one season and i agree that it seemed like more work then it was worth.

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