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Thread: Online Virtual Coach Simulation

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    What are the regular prices after the sale ends?

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    Quote Originally Posted by awaken View Post
    What are the regular prices after the sale ends?
    I typically do the 10 seasons package. It equates to about $10 a season or $5-6 a month or you can pay per season which is $12. It's more up front doing the packages but cheaper. 5 seasons is more than enough to see if you like the game/site. Warak found a promo code for 50% off any purchase yesterday, we haven't verified that it's still valid yet, but will do in the next week or so. It's more expensive than DTL and I really wish they had a price scale based on what Division your in but it is what it is. A season lasts about 48 days.

    Additionally, you get credits for winning conference, making NCAA, how far you get in tourneys etc. I just used about $15 in credit to pick up more seasons last month. The credits do expire over time.

    The new promo code is out: MADNESS21
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    I hope some of you guys check out the game, I do like a lot more than DTL.

    it reminds me a lot of the old NCAA March Madness PS2 game (if you only do coaching mode, like i used to do). Recruiting is fun and disappointing, as usual, but I also like the ability to apply for different coaching jobs and different schools.

    if you have any specific questions about the game, hit me up on PM.

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    Crum is allowing new coaches today. If you do sign up, let Warak and/or myself know and we'll help you get started.
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