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    Beloved by your wife/girlfriend/mom/dog.

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    It doesn't work.
    Beloved by your wife/girlfriend/mom/dog.

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    Second try.

    Beloved by your wife/girlfriend/mom/dog.

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    Nope, still doesn't work.
    Beloved by your wife/girlfriend/mom/dog.

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    Hey, now it works!
    Beloved by your wife/girlfriend/mom/dog.

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    Will the twitter embedding ever work on tapatalk?
    Draxx them sklounst

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    Quote Originally Posted by myDeaconmyhand View Post
    Will the twitter embedding ever work on tapatalk?
    Nah, tapatalk is lame as hell. So until they enable an option to run/load JS it's not gonna happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 61raddeac View Post
    Help this donk out. Where do I put the tweet ID?

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    Good lord people, it's been almost three years.

    Easiest way is to copy the string of numbers from the tweet, then come back to ogboards.

    Click on the Image Icon, which brings up the dialog box.

    Paste the numbers in the box and hit okay.

    Then change the IMG to TWEET and the /IMG to /Tweet.

    Post the reply. The tweet won't show up immediately, but if you leave the thread and come back it will be there.

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    Congrats on the tweet!

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