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Thread: Retained Grobe Staff

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    Grobe's loyalty to Lobo, set this program back on so many different levels - not just offensively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCF3 View Post
    Grobe's loyalty to Lobo, set this program back on so many different levels - not just offensively.
    Well, it was offensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RacerDeac View Post
    Well, it was offensive.
    It sure was, but it held back other coaches, players, reaching their potential. I talked to a former TE - that loved his coaches, but couldn't stand Lobo. He told me the players on the offensive side of the ball were always so blown away by the awful coaching, and play calling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deaconblue View Post
    I was more than a little puzzled when Billings was let go.
    I've heard from a few different people that his personality didn't quite mesh with the boss. He was let go because they didn't quite see eye to eye philosophically.

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    Billings wanted to try to win instead of not lose.

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    He also did not want to be a co-DC next to a dimwit.

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    The conflict was with the co-DC more than Grobe ... however Grobe did not like what had developed between those two. The rest of the story is that Tim had recently brought in some guys that did not fit well within the program. This factor, combined with those noted above, led to his dismissal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dillon Fence View Post
    Before we turned on Grobe, that is.
    Jeez man, get over your butthurt. Grobe asked for big boy money and with that comes big boy expectations, not 5 straight losing season expectations.

    And you would literally have to be blind not to see that the program had lost all momentum, especially on the recruiting front. How often does a 60 something year old coach turn that around? Man, you are worse than The Reff still complaining about George Greer getting fired. Having some success doesn't guarantee you a job into your mid 70s.
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    Brian Knorr in discussions to return to Air Force according to Football Scoop

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    Nice guy, but I am ok with that. I think that is a better fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsywake View Post
    Elrod deserves a chance, he's an alum. There has to be a place for him, even if in the AD somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhDeac View Post
    Good news. Our fans are way too sentimental.

    Elrod needs to use his degree to find job outside of Wake like the rest of us. Same goes for Rusty and Randolph.
    Damn right.

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    Rusty says hello as COO of Dario’s from today’s WS Journal....grand opening for a new location...

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