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Thread: My case for hiring Steve Wojciechowski as the next Wake bball coach

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    Roy Williams. Dean Smith. Bones McKinney.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FckVwls View Post
    I can't think of a single successful BCS level coach that was hired to their HC job from an assistant role at outside program. Way different ballgame than an internal promotion. There might be a couple but it is pretty rare.
    Dave Odom

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheReff View Post
    From the outside it would appear that Tommy Amaker is the heir apparent to Coach K as he has the head coaching success resume already that Collins does not have. The heir apparent to the Roy Williams job may just be sitting on the bench with him--Hubert Davis.
    Hubert Davis? Tommy Amaker? What is this nonsense? You're talking about 2 of the top 3 college programs in history. They will hire coaches who have won very big at high major schools.

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    6) He would take the job & he would stay. Wojo has passed on many jobs before but this one would be different.

    What are the many jobs that Wojo has already passed on?


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    Quote Originally Posted by LilburnDeac View Post
    Dave Odom
    Yeah my bad. I flipped through the conferences on ESPN and went through the previous job of every coach in my head. I suppose my point isn't strong since there are historical examples but there aren't any current strong head coaches that their previous job was an assistant at an outside program.

    ETA: The major point is that in 2014, now that mid majors are so very competitive nationally, it is pretty rare strategy to hire a an external assistant to a BCS job.
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    Just think of it...if we could land Wojo as our HC, maybe, just maybe, we could score Greg Newton as our big man coach. That would be truly amazing!

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    This thread is so dumb, I regret continually replying to it. But. Well.

    The Moricle Society. The Polish. It's like some of you don't remember how ridiculously backwards the power-brokers of Wake are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donaldross View Post
    Nobody around here even follows those other guys. Hiring Wojo would rock the Duke foundation and be the immediate talk of college basketball. We'd be immediately relevant & back in the NCAA tournament in 2 years. In 3-4 years, we'd be in the Sweet 16 and off and running.

    Miller, Masiello, and Manning just don't create that 'pop.'
    This is a HUGE glossing over of those other names. "Pop?" The only pop that would come from Wojo that wouldn't come from those other names is the (local, by no means national) would-be controversy of a Tobacco Road school hiring a Duke assistant. There would be absolutely no added excitement just because it's Wojo.

    Miller, Masiello, and Manning assisted at Arizona, Louisville, and Kansas, respectively, under Sean Miller, Rick Pitino, and Bill Self. The only difference between their resumes and Wojo's is that they've all actually proven themselves in HC gigs (at small, private institutions).

    The idea that Wojo carries any more "pop" (whatever the fuck that even means) than any other hotshot candidate is just absurd.

    I asked you what Wojo had the those other guys don't. You responded that nobody around here follows those guys. That's not a qualification; it's just professed ignorance.

    We can get a great young coach with a high-end recruiting pedigree without pissing off most of the fanbase. Let's do that instead.
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    No need to get personal. Life & time have a way of determining the winners & losers in this world. There are scoreboards out there that determine who made the right & wrong business decisions.

    We'll see how it shakes out. Like you, I hope Wake can turn the tide.

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    He is probably my #1 most disliked player in college. It'd be tough to accept him as our coach, though if he quickly turned things around and started winning I'd get over it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobStackFan4Life View Post
    He is probably my #1 most disliked player in college. It'd be tough to accept him as our coach, though if he quickly turned things around and started winning I'd get over it.
    I agree with BSF; the idea of any ex Dookie as our Coach does little for me but I could get over it if he came here and won.

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    I say we hold onto [name redacted] until Hansbrough is available

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    For such a successful guy, donaldross is super weird

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    Damn you [name redacted], you are so fucking bad at coaching that you have made a bunch of wake fans want wojo. Unreal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishSlim View Post
    Don't know why I'm replying to you because you're a joke, but it's the LORD'S DAY. Meanwhile, Amaker would be a much greater hire than Wojo.
    Amaker's stint at Michigan didn't go well.

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    "Where were you?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by IAppreciateIt View Post
    For such a successful guy, donaldross is super weird
    Is he really successful? Not that I would know.

    I just remember him from the old board. I always figured him to be some rich kid from Missouri, who was always flapping about the OCA.

    During the Skip to Pittsburgh thing, I was the one who pulled the all-nighter on what I called the island of reason in the sea of insanity. I asked anyone who was awake to beach their canoes on my island. Several folks actually did. It was a good night.
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    Courage can be purchased at yon' tavern!

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckets View Post
    I say we hold onto [name redacted] until Hansbrough is available

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    Rich kid? Don't think this thread should be heading this direction but for the record when I came here to go to Wake Forest at age 18, it was with nothing.

    I can deal with any comment like arrogant, ambulance chaser, bafoon, moron, trial lawyer, slumlord whatever. Say what you want. But let there be no doubt that whatever you think about what I've built, I've built it myself.

    Now let's suck it up & hire Wojo.

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