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Thread: My case for hiring Steve Wojciechowski as the next Wake bball coach

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    My case for hiring Steve Wojciechowski as the next Wake bball coach

    WF should hire Steve Wojciechowski as our next basketball coach & I believe he would take the job. Here’s why:

    1) Private School experience. Wojo knows what it is like to operate in the environment of a small private school—something you hear so often these days as a key need for us.

    2) ACC Pedigree. Does anyone really think the head coach at Lehigh or Ohio U or Richmond really has had more real world coaching experience than Wojo? No way. Wojo knows the day in day out of the ACC. You will no doubt hear “why would hire a Dukie.” Remember that the rules from the 90s just do not apply. Miami hired one of our assistants. Clemson hired VT’s coach. Maryland’s Mark Turgeon is likely to move within the ACC. This is a new age and conference realignment has changed the ‘old’ rules. But the ‘old’ rules really weren’t what you think anyway. Bones McKinney played at UNC. Vic Bubas played for NC State.

    3) AGE. Wojo is 37 – the perfect age to build a program for the long haul at a place like ours. He understands the reality of technology and social media in today's world. We have to have that going forward. Clawson has shown us what that can do and we cannot afford to hire another old Coach that has never heard of twitter. We need someone who has staying power once they get this thing going. A 55 year old just doesn't have it. Such a hire is a 10 year at best proposition. We need to take a risk on a younger coach so that the payoff is there when it works.

    4) Instant Credibility. Wojo has name recognition and he will immediately have credibility with recruits. When the Duke job comes open (a reality this decade), we will be able to compete with and even beat Duke for some players.

    5) Class. Wojo has it. Chrissy Collins is a hot head. Wojo simply isn’t. He is well-spoken & can win press conferences. You remember him as the guy who slaps the floor. So what? He was doing what he was told. If you have followed him over the last 15 years, you really know how much of a better guy he is than the normal Duke tree (Collins, Snyder, etc.)

    6) He would take the job & he would stay. Wojo has passed on many jobs before but this one would be different. Unlike most, he knows that Wake is a sleeping giant. He was on the Duke teams we used to beat around. Taking this one gives him a major job in the league and area he loves. It is a great chance to get right to it rather than take a mid-major or low BCS job and hope to come back one day. He knows he isn’t going to get the Duke job so this would be his chance to build his own thing. Once he comes here, Duke won’t offer him (they wouldn’t anyway). For him, this would be an end type job—unlike for league outsiders. Even if he thinks he could maybe get the job, a bird in the hand means something to a 37 year old. So does taking on the establishment & not waiting your turn. We literally could steal him right out from under Duke now even if he were to get the job in 7-8 years. If he would build this place over the next decade, only a Kentucky, Kansas, or UCLA type job could lure him away. If that happens because he is such a success, so what?

    7) The Future. In 2020, Roy Williams, Coach K, Boeheim, & Pitino will be gone. We would have the senior statesman of the league with the most credibility and he would be 43 years old.

    Believe it. Wojo is the man we need to be targeting.
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    The case for Wojo is fine. I think he'd be a solid coach, and I agree that he would do a fine job here. You don't need to do much to make that case.

    I just don't see why he's more appealing than other young hotshot coaches that don't also alienate the (admittedly juvenile) portion of the fan base that would bitch about hiring a Duke guy. People are already bitching that we might go after Archie Miller-- the backlash for Wojo would be a thousand times worse. Why not just get another solid recruiter at a mid-major? What does Wojo have that Archie or Masiello or Manning don't?

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    Fuck that

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    Why do we think he would be good? He's never been a head coach. Are we just assuming he would be good because he assisted K?

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    To wit: Miller, Masiello, and Manning all check off the same boxes that you set out there. They have high major experience, private school experience, "class," recruiting credibility, and relative youth. With the noted exception of Archie, they have no ties to rival Tobacco Road schools that risk pissing off a segment of fans. Where's Wojo's edge over those candidates?

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    Dickie Hemric

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    As much as I hated him in the late 90s, you can't argue with the fact that our last few teams could've used a healthy dose of whatever insanity Wojo played with.
    The lack of head coaching experience gives me pause, but I could get behind Wojo.
    "It's now time to win."

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    It's not like the Coach K coaching tree has a lot of proven success in it. Most of them turn out to be mediocre at best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Say Hey Deac View Post
    Why do we think he would be good? He's never been a head coach. Are we just assuming he would be good because he assisted K?
    Also, this. I asked what Wojo has that the other 2nd tier candidates don't, but those candidates all have something that Wojo doesn't: head coaching success. That's a pretty big qualification I'd want any candidate to have, I think.

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    I think it is an excellent idea. Won't happen; but getting a young hungry coach from a winning program is an excellent idea. Plus, it would blow K's mind.

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    Wojo would be a solid hire. Better than a lot of people Wellman might target. I would be able to get excited.

    There is a definitely risk factor involved with hiring a first time head coach though. The chances Wojo flops is significantly higher than Archie Miller, for example.

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    How do you know he isn't getting the Duke job? From the outside it looks he's the heir apparent.

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    Nobody around here even follows those other guys. Hiring Wojo would rock the Duke foundation and be the immediate talk of college basketball. We'd be immediately relevant & back in the NCAA tournament in 2 years. In 3-4 years, we'd be in the Sweet 16 and off and running.

    Miller, Masiello, and Manning just don't create that 'pop.'

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    My case for not hiring Steve Wojciechowski: he's fucking Steve Wojciechowski

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    He might be the heir apparent at Duke. Wellman found a football HC with experience and victories. I hope he can do it one more time.

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    Dickie Hemric

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    Quote Originally Posted by FckVwls View Post
    The chances Wojo flops is significantly higher than Archie Miller, for example.
    I see what you did there.
    "It's now time to win."

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    Will never happen, and we all know that.

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    Well hiring Johnny Dawkins hasn't given the Stanford program a ¨pop.¨ Or is it just that Wojo was so annoying as a player that it will get more attention nationally?

    Wojo leaving Duke, even for a local ACC school, will not have any kind of crippling affect on Duke. I am pretty sure about that.

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    Shame on you. SHAME ON YOU.

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