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Thread: F is for Fascism (Ferguson MO)

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    Quote Originally Posted by stugotz View Post
    Sounds like the defund the police movement is certainly having the effect of reducing the police force by getting them to quit en masse. What happens if we decide to reverse course and decide we need more cops if say violent crime spikes over the next few years and we're unable to hire them back?
    Good one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MHBDemon View Post
    I understand people that are skeptical of abolition as a concept. But I wish that those people would bring the same energy and skepticism to questioning reform and the fact that reform has got us to where we are now.

    Quote Originally Posted by awaken View Post
    How about actually updating police training? The victim's families keep asking for it, but I don't think it ever happens. Police cadets are terrorized in their training to be trigger-happy else they'll die ("better tried by 12 than carried out by 6" is one of their sayings). Police work is indeed dangerous, but the danger is overstated in their training. It is #22 in most dangerous jobs. Europe trains their police force A LOT more than the US. What is their training? Seems police training could be updated to include the social work elements that apply, and perhaps other things as well. The headline I want to read is City Updates Police Training for All Current/New LEO.
    We have been doing this for decades? Where’s the evidence that it works?

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    The problem with the police reform positions is in 10 years from now we're all going to wish we were in the position we were 5 years ago. Maybe we wouldn't be there if it weren't for fox news, but this is the world we're in? Life with MHB as police commissioner no one wants to live in, and that's where we're headed with cell phone videos of every interaction and 20% annual declines in police forces and pensions at age 50. What kid these days in middle school decides he wants to be cop?

    But one potential saving grace is automated carts eliminating the need for traffic interactions.
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    You even edited that but it’s still pretty garbled. Is that like a “flaming globes” midnight stroke of genius?

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    Women Prisoners Used as ‘Bait’ to Catch a Predator Were Allegedly Sexually Assaulted

    The women were told to use a “code phrase” when they felt threatened. But help didn’t come in time.

    “Can we get some pizza?”
    That was the code phrase in the sting operation to catch a former California correctional officer in the act after he was accused of sexual harassment and assault.
    And two female prisoners at the California Institution for Women in Chino, located in San Bernardino County, were allegedly the bait.

    But when they were attacked during the course of the 2017 operation, nobody came to their immediate aid, according to a federal lawsuit filed by the women in a U.S. District Court last week.
    “This is very egregious given the fact that there was a man in charge of incarcerated women running around and sexually assaulting them,” Jennifer A. Bandlow, an attorney for the two inmates, told the Orange County Register, which first reported the lawsuit. “Then, in order to catch him, they (prison officials) allowed my clients to be again sexually assaulted.”
    In August or September of 2017, Merrill would allegedly come and unlock the cell of a woman described only as “Jane Doe 2” a few times a week while working the night shift. He’d bring her food and tell her she was beautiful, according to the lawsuit—allegedly in an effort to groom her.

    Then his behavior changed. He allegedly started grabbing his penis when he saw Jane Doe 2, although she’d try to pretend she was asleep to avoid him coming into her cell.
    At one point, Merrill allegedly told Jane Doe 2 to touch his penis. Fearing retaliation or harm, she complied.
    Later, under the weight of what the lawsuit described as “constant sexual harassment,” Jane Doe 2 overdosed on medication so she’d be moved to suicide watch and away from Merrill.
    Then, around October 2017, when officers with the investigative services unit approached Jane Doe 2 to ask about the conduct of a different officer, she shared her allegations of sexual abuse and harassment by Merrill.
    Officers with the investigative services and internal affairs units, including Spinney, “told Jane Doe 2 that she had to be part of a ‘set-up’ to catch Officer Merrill in the act,” according to the lawsuit. She was scared, but officers allegedly told her nothing would happen to her, that there’d be a camera and audio recording device in the room, and that she could say the code phrase if she felt threatened. She was also allegedly told to flirt with Merrill.
    Around this time, after she was removed from suicide watch, Jane Doe 2 was placed in a cell with another woman, identified in the lawsuit only as “Jane Doe 3.” The women, terrified of Merrill, had begun to sleep in the same bed to feel safer.
    One night, Merrill allegedly came into their cell repeatedly. One of the times, he grabbed Jane Doe 3, who didn’t know that Jane Doe 2 had worked with other officers to plant a recording device in the room.
    Merrill digitally penetrated Jane Doe 3’s vagina against her will, according to the lawsuit.
    Though Jane Doe 2 used the code phrase “Can we get some pizza?”, no one, including Spinney, came, according to the lawsuit.
    Then, when Merrill allegedly attempted to push Jane Doe 2’s face down onto his penis and digitally penetrated her vagina, she again stated: “Can we get some pizza?” Still, nobody stopped the assault. (Spinney, when reached by VICE News, said he could not comment on active litigation.)
    “Only after both women were sexually assaulted, and digitally penetrated, against their will and without their consent, did ISU and IA come to the room, place plastic bags over both of Officer Merrill’s hands, and remove him,” according to the lawsuit.

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