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Thread: Hearthstone Thread FTMFW - 4/7 Ashes of Outland release - New Demon Hunter class!

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    had a great $20 pack last night. Golden Captain Greenskin and then got a Cairne. Also got my first Azure Drake, second Savannah Highmane and a shield slam.

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    I got a $10 pack last night, and only got 1 purple and 1 blue over the normal 1 blue per pack. BOOOOO.

    Dusted everything else for like 180 dust. Lame.

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    Got the Mage legendary in a pack a couple days back. Haven't spent any real money on HS yet. Will complete Naxx eventually I'm sure

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    With GvG, there are rogue and shaman minions, and a warrior weapon, that have 50% chance to attack wrong enemy. This will be an interesting RNG. Sometimes you could bypass taunt for lethal. But will that benefit outweigh the negatives of attacking the wrong minion as intended?

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    I'm up to 700 coins thanks to the 1,000 victory quest. Hoping to get to 1,000 by Monday for 10 GvG packs.

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    dang, i need to see how many victories I have. Does it count casual or only ladder?

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    It's 1,000 wins in any mode (prize = 300 coins).

    That includes practice games/Naxx games, etc. So there's no real way to accurately quantify your tally.

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    Well.. time to crush it this weekend.

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    You guys seem to be dropping all kinds of money on the game, though. 300 coins is chump change compared to real money.

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    New update just hit Hearthstone -

    GvG cards have been added to the Arena (ahead of the full release) & there's now a spectator mode so you can watch your friends play.

    Also, the previously announced changes to Soulfire, Flare, and Auctioneer are in effect.

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    oh damn. gonna have to watch some arena streams tonight.

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    Two other minor notes that may actually have a decent impact on the game:

    1) Druid of the Claw is now a beast in its cat or bear form.
    2) Many old cards are being re-categorized as mechs: Harvest Golem, Alarm-o-bot, Demolisher, Mechanical Dragonling

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    Oh shit. When you login you get a free arena run!

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    Oh nice! That's a solid perk. I figured they would reclassify some neutrals as mechs. Spectator mode was a no brainer IMO

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    Started off 3-0 with my GvG Priest in the arena. Anything else is gravy at this point.

    Edit: 4-0 now #HumbleBrag
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    Quote Originally Posted by HailToTheDeacons View Post
    Started off 3-0 with my GvG Priest in the arena. Anything else is gravy at this point.

    Edit: 4-0 now #HumbleBrag
    Started out 1-0. Finished 1-3 lol

    I must be picking too many smaller minions.

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    Started 1-0 and went to bed. I will see how deck finishes tonight.

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    I finished 3-3 in GvG with a Hunter. Hunter was the wrong choice - you end up with a huge amount of mechs and no beasts. Oops.

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    Tacked on another win to start 5-0 with my Priest, but then hit ridiculous opponents. Finished 5-3, 105 gold, and a pack - I'll take it.

    This card was my undoing more than once:

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    Also, has anyone else ever noticed the T-REX in the background of Holy Fire?? Fucking awesome.

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