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Thread: Hearthstone Thread FTMFW - 4/7 Ashes of Outland release - New Demon Hunter class!

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    can anyone link to a decent shaman deck even if it is pre-gvg?

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    Just bought 40 GnG packs. Results below:

    Arcane Nullifier X-21
    Call Pet (x3)
    Cobalt Guardian (x3)
    Dunemaul Shaman
    Gnomish Experimenter (x3)
    Goblin Blastmage
    Goblin Sapper
    Grove Tender
    Illuminator (x4)
    Iron Sensei
    Kezan Mystic
    King of Beasts (x2)
    Muster For Battle (x2)
    Ogre Ninja
    Scarlet Purifier (x2)
    Screwjank Clunker (x4)
    Siege Engine (x2)
    Soot Spewer
    Target Dummy (x2)
    Upgraded Repair Bot (x4)
    Vitality Totem (x3)

    Ancestor's Call
    Anima Golem
    Clockwork Giant
    Crush (x3)
    Wee Spellstopper

    Flame Leviathan
    Sneed's Old Shredder

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    Reynad's Top 10 Most Overpowered GvG cards

    He's spot on with Unstable Portal at #1. That card is ridiculous.

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    might have to play some mage to see. Im too scared to play fel reaver (#2).

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    Unstable Portal should either limit it to minions at 4 attack or less, or make the card cost 3 or 4 mana.

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    Fuu, this game is frustrating after not playing for awhile. Not having any legendary cards is killing me late game, and even when I have purchased packs I've gotten mostly shit. One legendary I think out of the last 45 packs or so, and that was Malorne (which is meh).

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    The first two cards I've unstable portaled?

    Yeah, this card is sick.

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    Ok, so mehbe I should just build a mage deck and construct a couple of dose portals (didn't get any in 18 GvG packs I've opened now FTL)..

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    The third?

    Can't win them all.

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    Some pro gvg decks if you are looking for ideas:

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    Really wish there was a version of hearthstone that excluded payingfor cards.
    Mother So Dear '12

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    Just got an Unstable Portal in a pack bought from Quest Gold.

    Have a pretty fun Paladin Mech deck.

    Starting on the Coin with Mechwarper is awesome. Can really build a quick board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deacsfan27 View Post
    Really wish there was a version of hearthstone that excluded payingfor cards.
    I haven't put a cent into this game yet, and I've unlocked all of Naxxramus and have a handful of Legendaries I've bought with quest gold. Yeah, it sucks sometimes when a person has 8-10 legendaries that they can just keep spamming in the endgame, but generally I'm still holding my own with the cards I have available to me. If that doesn't do it for you, play the Arena, where everyone is on the same footing.

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    I haven't paid for anything yet either but will need to to finish out Naxx. I have something like 4 or 5 legendaries and love toiling around the arena.

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    Had an epic sylvanas/kel thuzad sequence last night with my control warrior. I had a damaged minion on board with 2 health. he had a 2/2 down and played kel thuzad and killed my minion. His 2/2 comes back.

    I killed his 2/2 with my weapon. Played sylvanas and then shield slammed it, stole Kel Thuzad, and resurrected sylvanas. He pretty much conceded right away.

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    Crafted a golden Troggzor the Earthinator last night. Will probably craft Vol'jin next.

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    Robert O'Kelley
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    Are you so flush in dust that you're crafting goldens instead of filling out your card collection?

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    I have ~9500 dust. I've got most rares and epics, so I fill out what I don't have with goldens.

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    I created this deck in 30 seconds, solely for the purpose of completing the 'cast 40 spells' quest:

    And I actually won 2 games, including one against a golden portrait Warlock who was sporting some mistresses of pain.

    It has me thinking of creating a real, hyper aggressive Rogue deck.

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