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Thread: DAT Cooking thread

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    I don't think of the Instant Pot as being something that speeds up the cooking process beginning to end, but as a tool that reduces the amount of active cooking time

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    It dramatically reduces cooking time for some things like dry beans and increases it for some others. It is what it is.

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    No I get that, but the coming to pressure/depressurization times need to be better factored in. Itís not like preheating an oven where you prep the dish at the same time. You have to put all the ingredients in before you can start coming to pressure. All of the recipes you see just mention the cooking time itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarcaDeac View Post
    if you want something really ambitious, Daniel Boulud's short ribs:

    I made this oven cooked Bolognese on Christmas Eve and it was incredible:
    The bolognese was a huge success with the entire family. It took a long time but was not that technically difficult. We had more than enough for two dinners.

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