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Thread: Official MLS thread

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    So Atlanta won the MLS Cup last night.
    Anybody go?

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    Yep. Not a big soccer guy but my daughter and I had a great time. M-B was rocking, especially after goal #2 by the home team.

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    Wake got the mention with Parkhurst after the game so that was nice.

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    Vamos ATL!

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    Tepper pls

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    Parkhurst! In my all-time Wake XI (probably). Was the best player on the best team that should have won something (had Hesmer not broke his leg in the last regular season match) except God hated us.
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    Draft time.

    Didn't realize Matias Almeyda was San Jose's manager now. Sweet. Great player. Frank de Boer the new manager for Atlanta. Also a great player, of course. Two cool new names in the league, at least.

    Also, was sad to hear about Sigi Schmid over the holidays. RIP Sigi. I don't really remember anything that was said now, but I had the best time eavesdropping on Sigi at Spry during the ACC Tournament one year. He was sitting with some other big shot (I am totally blanking - goddamn strands), and they were just talking soccer, talking shit, talking. Good times. One of the greats.
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    Does Charlotte have a team yet?

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    Gdula to Cincinnati. 13th overall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chupacabra View Post
    Gdula to Cincinnati. 13th overall.

    Dunwell was a likely 1st rounder and he's dropping at least into the second and maybe further. Combine must have been bad for him.

    ETA - Not drafted in the first two rounds. Wow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Screamindemon3 View Post
    Does Charlotte have a team yet?
    It's happening! Tepper confirms in an interview yesterday he's already in talks with MLS

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