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Thread: Recommend good stuff you've seen on Netflix streaming

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    I need to watch that Hemingway doc. Had drinks with my parents tonight and they were talking about it. In the middle of a Hemingway bio that Iím enjoying right now. What a life.

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    I mean, I doubt I'd notice these things. But they sure made it seem like the largely absent stein and Fitzgerald and Perkins and dos passos were neglected influences

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    well my wife wanted to watch The Stand In, so we did. it was quite possibly one of the worst things i have seen in a while. i tried to take a nap during the watching but it was so bad i couldn't fall asleep.

    you have been warned...

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    Just finished "This is a Robbery," the four-part documentary about the Isabella Stuart Gardner art heist in 1990 which still remains unsolved.

    I love heists and art stuff so this was right up my alley. I'd listened to a podcast about this a few years ago, so I knew the basic story, but the documentary got just about everybody they possibly could on camera and had a solid soundtrack and some decent reenactments. Definitely recommend if you're into that sort of thing.

    Also, chatting with my mom about the heist, I didn't realize we were living in Boston only a few years later and only blocks, literally, from the museum in Brookline. Also, my best friend's mom apparently worked there? Wish I knew about this back then, but my mom pointed out that nine-year old me would probably not have enjoyed a Venetian palace with old paintings.

    Also recently watched the art forgery documentary "Made You Look" and enjoyed that too.

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    Finished Highlander season one last night. That's basically soft porn, straight and gay.

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    I missed Random Acts of Flyness back when it came out on HBO back in 2018, but it's pretty great -- hard describe, stream-of-consciousness sketch weirdness -- good stuff

    Dominque Fishback is great and is gonna blow up here soon

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    Fishback was phenomenal in The Deuce too

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    yeah, that was where I first saw her and then watched Show Me a Hero for another Simon feature

    she's awesome

    still haven't watched Judah and the Black Messiah

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