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Thread: PGA Tour 2022 Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhDeac View Post
    Sure, but in that respect the LIV just uses the PGAT as a developmental tour. Then they pay whoever emerges.
    They pretty much have their 48 or so guys and might add a few more after Eastlake and the PC. And I don't see LIV lasting more than 3-4 years. I was just saying this to 1 of my golfing friends - I seriously doubt many of these LIV guys will have an impact again when they return to the PGA and DP tours after LIV ceases to exist and their suspensions. It's a fat cat league where they got paid up front. We've probably seen the last of DJ and Koepka contending in majors because they won't have the competitive edge to get their games back to be top 10 golfers. And I'd be surprised if young guys like Gooch and Horsefield ever return to relevance. The 1 guy who I think might get back to that status is Reed, who is full of piss and vinegar at all times. He'll probably want to show all those guys he still has it.

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    Yeah, there's a handful of guys LIV is still working on and in the meantime everyone gets another year older. Dustin Johnson is 38 years old and got $150 million from LIV. That's a good deal for him because he's not going to make that much from the PGA over the next 10 years. He would have done better with endorsements but he's not charismatic or engaging enough to command the big deals.

    LIV isn't going to pay a 24-year old that kid of money figuring they'll work out over time, and then keep doing it when they don't.

    Like if they offered Cam Young $50 million and he went out and kicked everyone's ass in the LIV exhibitions for 10 years, he'd make a shitload of money. But over the long haul, he's going to make more money on the PGA Tour.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pilchard View Post
    Another aspect of the inherent weakness of LIV Golf. Through the PGAT and related tours, there is a method in place for young players to earn their way into elite status. Nothing like that in LIV. For the most part, LIV players are paid on pass achievement (mostly for long ago), and there is no mechanism for a player to earn his way on to that tour; the primary LIV Tour qualifying criteria is for dopey Greg Norman to like you -- Think how dumb that is. LIV players get ridiculous money upfront and then players show up for three day exhibitions with little incentive to grind. There is no developmental aspect. Just a forum for players to be fat and happy.

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    Again, there's a reason LIV is paying such big sums to get players. Because the LIV knows they have to pay these huge sums in order to convince the player to torch whatever is left of their playing career.

    Its really just that simple.
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