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Thread: PGA Tour 2022 Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by donaldross View Post
    Big firms send old guys to argue cases. It usually backfires because they dont know the case as well as the attorneys who actually did the work.

    Hiring old guys is usually a bad idea for any job. Particularly a lawyer or a D1 basketball coach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deacz View Post
    So, Gibson Dunn said publicly in June that the prize money is "in addition to" a player's advance, but in the hearing said the prize money was "recouped against his advance." It would surprise me if an attorney of that stature would make that type of error, particularly without correcting it before the hearing's end, but who knows.
    I think Gibson Dunn is representing the LIV, while the players have their own representatives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donaldross View Post
    I have no clue what this Judge ruled yesterday. She hasn't filed her order yet. I'm guessing it's just an irreparable harm issue based on the media reports but who knows with the media.

    Varner is good as gone as well, as I posted months ago, only to be dismissed.
    I already reported that Varner has already signed - $38M is the reported number for him. It was reported to me by someone who witnessed the signing and who has discussed it with him. I don't know how it hasn't gotten out but he is motivated to keep it quiet for as long as possible - he can keep playing PGA events until he plays a LIV event without their permission.

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    LIV is a sportswashing vanity project for the Saudi royalty, so they don't care if it is a successful competitive league. They just want to go out to watch a bit of golf and say, "We own these people. They are here solely at our behest, and they are the most famous names in golf." The parallels with WWE wrestling are as similar as can be, and this could be considered an extension of their long history in horse racing, though this is certainly more blatant.

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    If the Saudis pay $38mm for Harold Varner s signature then all arguments about this are over. That right there will prove beyond any doubt that the LIV cannot even be taken seriously.

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