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Thread: Bullshit Trump Says

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    Pathological liars generally understand when they are lying and do so on purpose or out of habit. I'm saying Trump says what he believes and believes what he is saying, regardless of any actual basis in reality.

    Trust me, I'm not making rationalizations for him. All politicians lie to varying degrees. Sometimes it is a necessary evil, sometimes they do it for their own profit. What Trump is doing is far more dangerous, because if he believes that when he says something it becomes true, there can be no reasoning with him.
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    Trump's ignorance and blatant lies are coming every day now. Allegedly, 122 former GITMO detainees returned to the battlefield. 113 were released by W and 9 by Obama.

    How can anyone defend a pathological liar.

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    Yet Hillary can't be trusted

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    Throw-back Tuesday...

    The Howard Stern Show in 2005 - bragging about violating women’s privacy and bodily autonomy. Former Miss Teen USA contestants, Trump did just that in 1997. Four women who were competing in the pageant that year — including one who was 15 at the time — recalled that Trump walked into the dressing area while they were changing.

    “Before a show, I’ll go backstage and everyone’s getting dressed, and everything else, and you know, no men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go in because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it,” he said. “You know, I’m inspecting because I want to make sure that everything is good.”
    “You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. ‘Is everybody okay?’” he continued. “And you see these incredible looking women, and so, I sort of get away with things like that.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonwolverine View Post
    Real nice country you got there. It would be a shame if something happened to it.

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    The plan here is sane whether or not people here think he is. From the "pledge" to "fake news" he has successfully turned everything on his opponent(s). In the end, Trump was gambling on union workers and what Clinton wanted, to shut some down.

    I believe that at least 98% of voters decided the day the candidates were announced for the general election knew who they were voting for. I agree that the hacking stuff is "fake news" regarding the election. They've been in the public eye for decades. The 2% are the people who don't communicate well with their kids.

    I'll add that Trump creates "fake news" to further his cause with it. He's broken the Matrix and is trying to end political correctness.
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    'That's not how it works': Trump's grasp of Nato questioned after Merkel tweets
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    Quote Originally Posted by WakeForestRanger View Post

    Surprised it wasn't Kenyan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WakeForestRanger View Post

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    "Lots of people don't know Lincoln was a Republican!"

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