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Thread: Temp Ban: BiffTannen

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    Temp Ban: BiffTannen

    Banned for 2 weeks for trolling RJ via incorrectly guessing password 5 times to lock his account. Griefing someone in this manner isn't acceptable behavior.

    We almost made it a full year from the last ban.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuiceCrewAllStar View Post
    obviously biff
    Damn, Juice Crew called it.

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    Butts - Jessica Biel's in particular
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    Matthews is a city in decline

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    Temp Ban: BiffTannen

    Quote Originally Posted by bmoneydeac View Post
    Matthews is a city in decline
    Google maps shows Matthews as adjacent to Meyers Park. I think we've been had by a hoax !
    We're going to be good again.

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    A new member of the usual suspects

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    Scott "Rufio" Feather
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    Indefinite suspension would be appropriate IMO

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    Indefinite = one day or one week?

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    Pathetic but expected.

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    I'm sure you thought it was me you old fart
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    Quote Originally Posted by RJKarl View Post
    Pathetic but expected.
    You're free to post somewhere else where you feel less oppressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmoneydeac View Post
    Matthews is a city in decline
    Decline implies a starting elevation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhmd2000 View Post
    Decline implies a starting elevation.
    Not necessarily since there is such a thing as below sea level
    DV7 was RIGHT
    - wakephan09

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    It would be a miracle if demonDKE was raised from the dead.

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    two weeks seems kinda excessive, but I'm not the one getting undeliverable emails forwarded to me from an illiterate senior citizen, so

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    Well, now everyone knows how to do it.

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    "it was his density" lol
    just drivin' round in John Voight's car

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    He who laughs last, laughs loudest.
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    Lift the ban so Biff can opine on Atlanta's collapse in the Super Bowl.

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