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Thread: Middle East: Saudis Murder & Dismember Washington Post Contributor

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    The CIA’s Afghan Death Squads
    - A US-backed militia that kills children may be America’s exit strategy from its longest war

    “...The 12 boys killed in the madrassa at Omar Khail that winter night were among scores of civilians massacred during at least 10 previously undocumented night raids in the central Afghan province of Wardak. Beginning in December 2018 and continuing for at least a year, Afghan operatives believed to belong to an elite CIA-trained paramilitary unit known as 01, in partnership with U.S. special operations forces and air power, unleashed a campaign of terror against civilians. This story is based on interviews with more than 50 Wardak residents, including 20 survivors and firsthand witnesses and 29 victims’ relatives and local residents who witnessed the aftermath of the killings within hours of when they occurred. Some of those accounts were corroborated by local officials, analysts, and community representatives.

    The 10 raids resulted in the deaths of at least 51 civilians, according to The Intercept’s reporting. In most cases, men and boys as young as 8, few of whom appear to have had any formal relationship with the Taliban, were summarily executed. Some died alone, others alongside friends and family. Several raids were accompanied by airstrikes or, in at least one instance, the detonation of hand-laid explosives targeting structures known to be occupied by civilians...”
    Draxx them sklounst

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    But now they won't recognize Israel and the rapture will never happen!

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    Wait a second! Are you saying there can be nuance in foreign relations?

    That's not possible.

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    And China has concentration camps

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    Having this recognized as a genocide is a big deal to the Armenian people I know.

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