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Thread: Ads Now on Tapatalk

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    Ads Now on Tapatalk

    Ugh. Anything the admins can do about this new development?

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    Super obnoxious. Looks like $15 to make them go away forever.

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    Blegh, I was afraid this day would come. I can check on the settings, but it is probably something out of our control.

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    Sooo looks like we can now only disable branding if we subscribe to a basic tier 5 dollars/month package. On the surface that seems like it's probably worth it so I'll talk with the other admins and let you guys know if we pursue that and if so, when ads should be off again.

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    Ok, I think they should be disabled now, can you guys let me know here if they still aren't in an hour or two (assuming it might take some time to propagate that change).

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