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Thread: More PMs Please!

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    More PMs Please!

    Would it be possible to increase the limit of PMs to a larger number? It was set at 200 a while back and increasing the number would be fantastic. These things can't take up that much space, right?

    Maybe we could put it into an extension of the fundraising. Give $10, get 1000 PMs.

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    So the boards are actually pretty large as is storage-size wise (I could be wrong but I remember the backup size being almost 2-300 GB for the site, and the larger the db gets the more we have potential for things to go wrong with backups/maintenance scripts/etc) so that limit helps encourage cleaning them out every so often and keeps us from ballooning on that front. If you have a special need for more though (running a big mafia game or sheep or something of that nature) you can always PM me about it and if you've got a good enough reason I can bump it up for just you for that purpose. But we don't want to give that expansion to everyone by default. 200 is still quite a lot IMO, I think the only drawback is you don't keep faaar back history, but you can always save those records elsewhere before clearing them out if that is important to you.

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