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    I received a warning on Chrome that this was a deceptive site when I logged on this am. I reported to Google that the warning was incorrect. Not sure if others were having this issue.

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    Google probably got word that the boards were happy about Wake football and Wake basketball recruiting. The algorithm figured there's no way that's true.

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    Yeah, I'm on it. I've filed the same report to google and have also opened up tickets to them. Unfortunately, they're fucking awful about responding or even telling me why they flagged our site in the first place.

    In the meantime I think it's safe to assume we're not hacked or anything.

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    Got the same. Looks like Chrome thinks it's a phishing site.

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    Just FYI - I received the same warning this morning and also reported it as false.

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    I wonder if a recent post includes a suspicious link.

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    I'm getting the 'Dangerous' marker on every page, but specifically, the 'Fuck you, Science!' thread has content being blocked by Chrome.

    Also, the 'Wake Football - it's happening' thread. So it may be more widespread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DistrictDeacon View Post
    I wonder if a recent post includes a suspicious link.
    Haha, probably that fake Notre Dame guy.

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    I also got this warning on Firefox.

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    messages on apple with opera.
    no problem with opera on pc.

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    Yeah, can't click on any thread in Chrome without getting that message. Working fine in Safari on my phone.

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    Here's the screen cap from Chrome:

    I don't have Safari configured the same way I do Chrome, so it would take me a couple of steps to screen cap from that browser, steps I'm too lazy to do right now. It did return a similar error though.

    I rebooted and all that jazz that you're supposed to do. This was on a MacBook.

    On a PC, Chrome that's using McAfee also gave me its version of the same error. However, the MS Edge browser did not.

    One last test I ran, Chrome on a iPad did not return an error.

    Just to note - when I began browsing, I had no problems but eventually it started, maybe around 6am EDT. Also, the error only occurs when clicking on threads, not when viewing forums.
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    Got the same. They probably got wind that Biff was hacking accounts

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    For Chrome, you can go into advanced settings and deselect "protect me and my device from harmful sites" and the error will go away. As cookout mentioned, we're aware and working on correcting it. You'll recall, this happened once before.

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    I'm at work and my chrome won't let me deselect that setting.

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    Rather than change your settings, you can just expand the "Details" button and click "visit this unsafe site".

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeacHead View Post
    Rather than change your settings, you can just expand the "Details" button and click "visit this unsafe site".

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    Hey, let's get a cert!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bym051d View Post
    Hey, let's get a cert!
    Ha, it'd be done already if our host allowed either SSH access to our server or offered Let's Encrypt compatibility. Trying to get set up with one of their pay-to-play options but hitting issues with the fact that we've never really set up any email addresses to function correctly, so hopefully in the next 24 hours we can get that resolved and working.

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    I've also requested a re-review from Google after they linked to some pages they thought were at fault in our domain search console. Removed some links from posts on those pages even if they looked innocent enough, and also found a link one of our plugins was adding to the bottom of every page on the site that might have been triggering it (which went out to a spanish vbulletin forum). If they don't mark us as green I'll try to get more clarification on what exactly is the issue, but like I said before, Google customer service is pretty awful with coherent responses or even responses at all.

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