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Thread: The Official Loyola Chicago Thread! KRUTWIG!

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    Illinois lost in college football today. They really stink at a lot of stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiffTannen View Post
    What did Obama do to stop the violence in the streets of Chicago ?
    At least Trump is trying to help with the brutal winters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knowell View Post
    At least Trump is trying to help with the brutal winters.
    I see what you did there.

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    Lost to Eastern Illinois tonight

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    Quote Originally Posted by TownieDeac View Post
    Lost to Eastern Illinois tonight
    By 13.


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    Smith must have played with one arm tied behind his back. While blindfolded.

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    According to #AllHailKenPom Illinois "should" have won by 7, so that's not great haha.
    Mother So Dear '12

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    Brad Underwood is an elite coach, baby
    Draxx them sklounst

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    Maybe Ayo should have started a pipeline to Eastern Illinois.

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    Eastern Illinois is Chicago's Ohio Valley Conference team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daaberry View Post
    in the past Underwood would pay top dollar to have better players at his practices

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    Looks like they took it on the Chin last night.

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    Illinois lost to Purdue in football today 29-10. Itís kind of amazing how pathetic their overall athletic department is.

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    Illinois 0-2 now. Lolz

    Oh ... never mind...

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    Lock and
    Draxx them sklounst

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    Illinois football won their first two games.......... then lost the next 10 to finish 2-10


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    ♪ Worse than Lib-er-ty ♪

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