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Thread: Why did Rand Paul's neighbor beat the hell out of him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deacfreak07 View Post
    Really hope he offset some expenditures before using his government health plan to pay for that surgery. I would hate for him to be fiscally irresponsible.
    This is a good post! (Apologies, apparently I have to spread some rep around.)

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    Because if you're really for small government, the most important thing is to out people who report people in government for abusing their power.

    They're not even pretending anymore.

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    He demands media print the names because 1 - mainstream won't 2 - he knows its wrong. If he really believed it he would find the name and out them himself 3 - he'll blame them later if he needs to 4 - f that guy

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    What a lying dick.
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    The whole plan here is to goad the media into doing their dirty, illegal work for them. If Rand thought it was OK he would just blurt the name out himself.

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