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Thread: Chat Thread CCXVIII: DEACS.

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    As I make my 41,506th post.
    just drivin' round in John Voight's car

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJKarl View Post
    Since I rarely drink as many as four beers (and am totally disinterested in beer) in a month, I'm going to go with three boozes and and one beer: Knob Creek, Remy XO, El Tesoro Paradiso Tequlia, Fosters.

    RE: wine - I am less snobbish than I am about booze - Coppola Claret
    I once had an Aussie camp counselor who told me Fosters is Australian for crap

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    Branford Marsalis Quartet at Wait Chapel tonight was fun.

    Anyone else here able to go?
    I love's PEOPLE I can't stand!!

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    John Bolton looks like a guy whose hobby is dressing up as a train conductor for Civil War reenactments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmab03 View Post
    I submit that anyone under the age of 30 is virtually unemployable. They're literally on their phones half the time you walk past.
    A lot of them are probably on their phones for work.

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