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Thread: Comey Interview on 20/20: "Left people in the room stunned"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newenglanddeac View Post
    This is a good point regardless of how you feel about Comey's interview. The normalizing of Trump threatening jail time against political foes and private citizens is incredibly dangerous to our judicial and constitutional norms.

    Comey on Trump tweet suggesting he could face jail: ‘This is not normal. This is not OK’

    James Comey said in a new interview that while most Americans shrugged off a tweet in which President Trump suggested the former FBI director suggesting he faces jail time, the president threatening a private citizen is "not normal."

    In an interview with NPR, Comey warned Americans of what he says is the danger of letting Trump's more outlandish actions become normalized.

    "President Trump, I don't follow him on Twitter but I get to see his tweets tweeted, I don't know how many, but some tweets this past couple of days that I should be in jail," Comey says. "The president of the United States just said that a private citizen should be jailed."

    "I think the reaction of most of us was, 'meh, that's another one of those things.' This is not normal. This is not OK," Comey added.

    Comey went on to say there is a "danger" to democracy in America if voters don't respond to Trump's "threats to the rule of law."

    "There's a danger that we will become numb to it, and we will stop noticing the threats to our norms. The threats to the rule of law and the threats most of all to the truth," Comey said.
    The problem with this take is that the current administration has people who probably should go to jail. So when Democrats get into office and call for justice, Republicans will claim they’re doing the same thing.

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    It’s like an old Andy Cap cartoon I recall where Andy tried to make a deal with Flo. He’d stop lying about her if she’d stop telling the truth about him.

    Pubs, now with their great champion in the WH, have trafficked for so long in deceptive partisan hackery that lying is truly their natural language. Trump is the perfect Republican for this time. Think about that. Any remaining with any sense of honor and decency are constantly squirming, laying low, maybe occasionally timidly objecting, or running for an exit.
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    Interesting notes from Comey's book on Obama and Bush / Cheney:

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    Quote Originally Posted by avalon View Post
    Interesting notes from Comey's book on Obama and Bush / Cheney:

    Of note for all the new anti-surveillance "libertarians," this tweets highlights that Dick Cheney and his team were the initiators of the post-911 domestic surveillance and FISA powers expansion, not some liberal big-government, deep-state conspirators.

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    yeah, according to fake-ass liberal slurper James Comey. I mean come on

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