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Thread: Family Separation at the Border: US citizens are now being detained

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    Need more border situation !

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFFaithful View Post
    Tag team!

    Where was your outrage when Trump was purposefully separating families, denying medical care, locking kids into cages, closing facilities designed for kids, threatening family members in the US, etc. as a "solution" to the immigration problem.

    The situation at the border is unacceptable. Biden and the Democrats want to find solutions that aren't purposefully cruel, but sadly there are no quick fixes to a situation Republicans only made worse.

    There are many problems this country is facing, and I wish the Democrats would work more quickly to find solutions. The biggest obstacle to fixing our national problems is the Republican party who has no desire to govern. They only want to feign outrage, make culture wars out of molehills, and pass laws that undemocraticly give them power.

    The prime example being Obamacare. How long did the Republicans pitch a fit while not once offering their own solution?


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    I love mankind...itís people I canít stand!!

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