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Thread: Suspect Arrested in Deadly Punch of NYC Wedding Guest in Uber Ride Mix-Up: NYPD

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    So the message is, donít F with wake?

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    The hits just keep coming. Later story is much better than early Post one. Hopefully, there will be plenty of witnesses that support the intervention to protect others.

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    Scouting services said we were really swinging for the fences in recruiting this year. Good thing we have Hoard here already, should have a puncher's chance in any game this season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiffTannen View Post
    Knife fights last season. Mass exodus of players. Now death punches? Wtf!?

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    Dude on Manningís staff out at 1am on a work night, getting into fist fights and killing someone. Great. Donít see the need to get out of his car even if the other dude did punch someone. He needs to sit in a small room and think about it for a couple years.

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    He, Jones, has two kids too.

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    Robert O'Kelley
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    This provides a little more, including video of Jones in court. He looks devastated (as he should be):
    le bone

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