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Thread: Official 2018-2019 Charlotte Hornets Thread - Kemba Supermax Eligible

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    I've mostly been impressed with Borrego but he absolutely butchered last night. Tried to get away with holding out guys for the Bucks (TP and MKG will play tonight) while also giving Kemba more rest (didn't come back in till around 6:30 in the 4th) thinking we would still beat the Hawks and then have a chance tonight. Nope! we are not good enough to just show up and beat any team. You would think he'd have already learned that from the Bulls and Cavs games. Even more stupid to not go all out for the win last night when even a good performance from us against the Bucks will most likely end in a loss. And it'll be our 3rd game in 4 days.

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    lose @ ATL, win a back-to-back against MIL. Sure, why not.

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    Yeah I don't understand the schitzo nature of this team. Looked great last night against the Bucks, though did almost blow it at the end after being up by 21 in the 3rd. I assume this up and down play is what we are going to get all year. We have the Hawks at home on Wednesday, hopefully Borrego will take it seriously this time as mentioned by tintin above.

    Obviously the team stops and starts with Kemba, but MKG really is the difference maker on this team. They are just such a better team when he is on the floor, especially playing as a smallball 4/5. He can switch everything on defense and guard 5 positions, rebounds the hell out the ball, and even hit a 3 last night. Also kudos to Bridges who played solid D on Giannis at times - he had the strength to keep Giannis away from where he is trying to go in the paint. Lamb, Monk, Parker, and even Marv came to play.

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    It was a good game. They gave away a lot of tickets and there was a nice crowd

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    I think the schizo nature points to the need for them to get a true #2 All star to complement Kemba. They have a lot of great players but ones that have yet to show the ability to be a stud night in and night out and when lacking consistency at multiple positions plus only having one true scoring threat on last minute possessions (which Hornets have many of and everyone in the house knows it is going to be Kemba - except when he passes it to Marv who no one wants shooting a last min shot for the W!). Beal is averaging 25/game so the guy is bringing it every game and can score on key late possessions.

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    Yeah but the Wiz seem to have turned it around since the trade rumors were published, so I doubt they break it up and trade any of their top players now.

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    Did Cody just flush one from one step inside the free throw line?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDeacMan View Post
    Early to tell and I know he's said he wants to remain a Hornet, but is there anyway Charlotte could resign Kemba for what is gonna cost to keep him? It would be such a kick in the nuts to this franchise to finally get excited about the future only to have the best player its ever walk because they've strapped themselves with awful contracts

    great article.

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    Mr. Lamb has seriously stepped up his game the last couple of weeks averaging just over 18 pts/game and 6 rebs/game in 31 mins/game vs. his historical 9pts and 3 rebs and even Oct's averages of 11 and 4 in 25 mins. Seems like he is really growing in confidence as a starter and has been fairly consistent from 3, but also very strong taking it to the rim and finishing. Not far off Mr Beals average in pts of 22/game in 35 mins and better in rebounds by 2/game, but lower in assists by 2 so call those neutral.

    Kind of makes you think Hornets might have found their 2 guard for now and should focus on finding an All star SF or PF unless Bridges can quickly grow into that.

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    The only way the Hornets aren't way over the cap next year by signing Kemba is if Biyombo or MKG make moronic decisions and opt out.

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    Bleacher Report has a rumor of us trading Biyombo's contract, Kaminsky, Monk, and a protected 1st for Kevin Love. I've said for years that Love is the perfect compliment to Kemba. The downside is that Love's contract is longer than Biyombo's, and it is a gamble giving up Monk. Assuming a supermax contract to Kemba, then a 2021 of NBA-elderly Kemba, Love and Batum would strangle the cap (so who knows how that would affect Bridges). But assuming Love can actually play, it would make the team instantly better right now, and then worry about shuffling his contract down the road.

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    Keep the Hornets mediocre...

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    Why do the hornets have the shittiest contracts, my god

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    hornets definitely need another white PF/C

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    I think it's worth trading Monk to dump Batum or other roster dead weight

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    Strong weekend of games, beat the then-best-in-the-West Nuggets at home, then pounded the Knicks on the road to get back to .500. The team seems destined for a 41-41 season, but the talent is clearly there to win more than that. Kemba has come back to earth, but Lamb is playing great, Zeller, MKG, and Parker are consistent, and Monk and Bridges seem to alternate big nights. Frank also took advantage of Hernangomez's injury a few weeks ago and seized his rotation spot as the primary backup 5, and has been playing the best ball of his career. Maybe riding the pine for the beginning of the season was the kick in the ass he needed. Both Graham and Bacon are solid when called upon, I think Graham can be the primary backup PG that they have been searching for once Parker's contract is up.

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    Having one guy on a huge contract who started breaking down as soon as he signed it is already enough for me, have to say no thanks to Love. Trading for a star is a long shot, but if we could find an ok starter type at the 3, 4, or 5 I think it would help a lot. Especially a 5 as we are getting eaten alive by every solid big man.

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    What a terrible, bizarre call.

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    That finish was awesome and ridiculous at the same time. But yeah what a horrible call. Glad we held on to pull it out, great comeback being down 11 with like 5 mins to go.

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