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Thread: I know we have to commit to a QB..but today

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    I know we have to commit to a QB..but today

    maybe we pull an “Ian Book” and go with Kendall.

    He can move the ball and run against that front wall at Clemson

    Just nervous chatter. Excuse, eh

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    Put Hinton in the game at QB

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    Sam is a kid. He is the future.

    Hinton is the best bet for TODAY

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    C’mon David. Kendall managed 300 yards total offense against these guys last.

    I love Sam. That is an NFL Line - we ain’t going to do shit unless our QB can really run

    Don’t squander a D that showed up so far

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    C’mon Dave..don’t get him killed

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    He is in over his head and 99.9 true frost would be

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    Pull the trigger David!

    C’mon man - you can fire a DC after game 3

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    Shut up you moron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wakeforest22890 View Post
    Shut up you moron.
    Everyone agreed that moron Clawson should shut up with the excuses and get the kid out of there

    When will he stop punishing Hinton for the mistake he made and give the entire team the best chance to be competitive?

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    Agreed. Hinton is the answer THIS year. Sam is the answer for the future.

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    Most Pathetic 3 games I have watched in 81 years,BC,ND,Clenson!

    Fire all defensive coaches, instead of getting better, U can't get much worse. Clawson is now playing with his recruits and he is responsible for this situation and if this continues his seat might start to get a little warm. The OL was supposed to be great, but it is anything but. The plays develop much too slow and their defense against the run was just too much for our offense. I predict a serious injury for the QB if he is not given more protection and yes I saw four years of Wolford and what he endured. I f we expect to win anymore games its time to change the QB. I really think Hinton is the answer!!!!!

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    This is one of the most incoherent hot take filled threads I’ve ever seen. Fire Clawson, sit Hartman we lost big to two top 5 teams.

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    Hinton couldn't throw a strike with a ceremonial first pitch. Very good runner though. Maybe the other teams won't figure out that he can't throw. Hartman is the present and the future. We have gotten our heads handed to us by two top 6 teams. Hartman is the present and the future.

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    I really liked what I saw from Hinton when he ran the ball, but his passes were awful. Your QB has to be able to throw the ball all the way to the WR. Hinton didn't manage that today.

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