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Thread: Calling all Students...

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    Calling all Students... I get to the game, and the place is packed at kickoff except for the large hole clearly noticeable in the student section. Are we beginning to take lessons from Duke students? What's the explanation? We were 3-2 entering the game.

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    This is a national issue.

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    Your kidding, never noticed this before. Did you see how Clemson fans were in the stands Saturday, when did that start happening?
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    I disagree with you
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    stop giving up 60 points at home and the students will come

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    Soccer, tennis, golf, hockey playing students are really just not that much in to football unless it is easy to watch. WF is not easy to watch this year so they don't come in big numbers nor stay too long. Loyalty to their soon to be alma mater is not enough to keep them coming.

    The football team can turn this season into a program changing season or go out like a wilting flower. They're are far too many seasons of the latter. Time to change the football culture at Wake from the very top on down. Or, stop expecting different outcomes.

    As an aside, it would really be good to see a team that understands when they ever get up on an opponent by 2 scores to learn to not take plays off but play harder instead of the other way around. That is a special WF trait that seems to be a part of the psyche at WF, imho.

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