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Thread: Churchillís grandson slams Trump for skipping WW1 memorial visit over weather

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newenglanddeac View Post
    Republican operatives recognized the potential political implications of the presidentís move ó especially since Trump has tried to cast himself as a strong supporter to military and law enforcement personnel.

    ďIf Dems canít figure out how to make hay for days out of Trump not visiting military cemetery on anniversary of conclusion of WWI because of a little rain ... while other leaders attend ... they really donít deserve to win in 2020,Ē said Tucker Martin, a former adviser to the Republican Governors Association who also ran communications for Gov. Chris Christieís super PAC in 2016.

    ďDem POTUS did this? Would be relentless.Ē
    Democrats don't have their own network to go into (bad faith) meltdown mode and don't have the rest of the media trained to take their bad faith caterwauling seriously.

    For a Republican operative to say, basically, if Dems can't manipulate the media into non-stop coverage of the thing they want the media to cover, they deserve to lose in 2020, seems a bit on the nose.

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