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Thread: 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominees

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    it's going to be exciting when we receive an explanation of the gray areas

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    I disagree with you
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    Quote Originally Posted by birdman View Post
    Right, why not make release until trial the default, and then the prosecution can file a motion to retain the suspect until trial with supporting evidence as to why they are a flight risk or especially dangerous.
    why not just speed up access to trials and not release anyone

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    Scooter Banks
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    RJ is like 8 posts in and still doesn't understand what ending cash bail means. This is fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImTheCaptain View Post
    why not just speed up access to trials and not release anyone
    That's more expensive for the state, but it also seems fair.
    Birds are real.

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    PM a mod to cement your internet status forever
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    They could make it less expensive by not arresting people for random minor stuff.

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    Expanding Mod Powers
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    Why bother having misdemeanors at all ?

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