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Thread: Carolina Decommits/Commits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buttermaker View Post
    biff = closet UNC fan?
    Out of the closet Heel sucker extraordinaire.

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    Who was the last decent athlete that came out of Myers Park? Haywoode Workman?
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    Scooter Banks
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    There was a linebacker who went to Tennessee and made the NFL about 15 years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerswood View Post
    It's been a very rough 10 days for UGA fans. I'm not even sure what stage of grief/depression/anger Biff is on right now. He might need a sports intervention.
    male menopause seems rough
    We're going to be good again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiffTannen View Post
    So aren't Heels fans allowed to be optimistic too ?

    Lots of Deac fans can't wait to beat the shit out of a team that just went 2-9 and fired their coach, which is fine, but you know damn good and well we're dealing with a UNC team that is a shadow of what it ought to be and historically has been.
    Let me start with, I hate UNC and I hope we beat the living sh.. out of them. It will be helpful for us that they open up with USC and another to be determined ACC team before we play them. That said, I think they return about 18 starters from a team that lost 5 games by a touchdown or less, including a double overtime against a Syracuse team that finished in the top 20. Yes they got crushed by ECU and dang it was great.

    They have a lot of playmakers on that team though. They lacked discipline and game coaching and Longo and Bateman are better than they have had at coordinators. I expect UNC to be greatly improved IF they can convert the undisciplined Fedora players to disciplined Bateman defenders in particular. We may be fortunate to catch them early in the season. The guys they have recruiting will be picking up the slack and have proven that already with some year end flips from FSU as mentioned, Penn State, and Louisville the other day. They have decent talent and arguably based upon rankings, better than ours.

    They didn't have to be hugely better last year to be 7-4 than the 2-9 that they were, just a little better. I will also be interested to see what kind of turnover they have in the off season as guys get pushed out or want to start fresh.

    Here's to kicking some Tar Hole booty but also being realistic and expect to face an improved team. It will be an added storyline to follow and see how the old fart can do. I don't expect he'll be there too long and though Brown's got a lot of positives, I wouldn't be shocked for the workload and details to be too much for him to handle in the long run.

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    North Carolina redshirt junior quarterback Chazz Surratt is switching positions.

    Surratt is moving to linebacker, UNC coach Mack Brown confirmed in a text message on Tuesday. Lee Pace, a writer for, the university’s athletic website, was the first to tweet the news.

    Surratt, who is 6-3, and was 215 pounds last season, played in 10 games as the quarterback at UNC. He played in nine games during his redshirt freshman season and passed for 1,342 yards, eight touchdowns and had three interceptions.

    His season was cut short last year after he was suspended for four games for selling team-issued sneakers. He then suffered a season-ending wrist injury in his first game back.
    As a dual threat quarterback, Surratt was lauded for his athletic ability. Surratt, who went to East Lincoln High School in Denver, was named Parade All-America’s national high school football player of the year in 2016.
    Brown said Surratt asked to be moved to linebacker.

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    Our Surratt is better than your Surratt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dekin View Post
    Our Surratt is better than your Surratt
    Pointillism well taken.

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    Que Surratt Surratt
    Whatever will be, will be

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    In Clawson we will still win recruiting battles in state against Happy Face.

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