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Thread: 2016 Trump voters

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    The articles below offer some context on the differences between the Bush and Obama approaches to immigrants and Trump's Administration. The Business Insider article has a revealing quote about the differences between the practices in the 2014 pictures under Obama, and the 2018 Trump practices: "Though the [2018] photos are nearly identical to those from 2014, there is one key difference between them: the 2014 photos showed only children who arrived at the border unaccompanied. The 2018 photos also show families that have been separated from one another...That difference is significant — while unaccompanied children in 2014 knew what to expect when they arrived at the border and were taken to the holding facilities, the children who have been separated from their parents are often much younger, and had not expected to be taken away from their families."

    Link to Business Insider article:

    Link to Politifact Article:

    Link to NBC article:
    One more data point showing that Trump supporters don't give a fuck about facts and evidence.

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