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Thread: Board games for a large number of people

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    Board games for a large number of people

    Hey everyone,

    Does anyone have any suggestions for games that include a lot of people? I am going to a family member's house where were usually do a +8 ppl group game. In the past we've done Cards against Humanity & a variety of the JackBox games (Quiplash, Fibbage, and Drawful). None of the games have to be clean as we are all sick in the head. All suggestions are welcome


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    Played one a few days ago that I got in a christmas raffle. Telestrations. It's a mixture of pictionary and telephone. Pretty fun after a few drinks.

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    Telestrations, or adult telestrations if you want to see what kind of freaky things your family is into.

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    I disagree with you
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    celebrity is fun, depending on the group

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    One night ultimate werewolf
    Sushi go party
    The Resistance

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    Codenames and Telestrations are both great. They also make a Telestrations "after dark" version that gets REALLY interesting.
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    I came in to also recommend Telestrations. There is an expanded box that I think has 10 boards?

    When we play we often donít use the suggested ones from the box but just write down inside jokes and things about the people in the room. Gets pretty hilarious.

    Also agree Celebrity (or Characters or many other names) is great for a group. Can do with a large number and teams and donít need materials besides paper and pens to write down names.

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