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Thread: The Left will make 2019 a dark year

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    a wnd opinion piece

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    Not familiar with Dennis Prager?


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    Dickie Hemric
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    Liver than you'll ever be

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    Quote Originally Posted by marquee moon View Post
    Not familiar with Dennis Prager?

    Thrice married homophobic self-loathing Jew?

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    Read the first couple of paragraphs. What an amazing piece of journalism.

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    Love the part where he says the Democrats won’t let them investigate Benghazi

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    In other words, the Democratic Party and the media will do to American political life what it has done to the arts; the universities; the high schools; the Boy Scouts; race relations; religion; the happiness of so many women (misled by feminism regarding marriage and career); the moral fabric of American life (morality reduced to feelings); late-night television; mainstream Judaism, Catholicism and Protestantism; pro football; and the sexual innocence of the young: It will poison it.

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    That’s the part where Sailor busts a nut, no doubt

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    Good grief that paragraph is absurd. Trumpists love to play the victim card.

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    What a bunch of babies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newenglanddeac View Post
    Good grief that paragraph is absurd. Trumpists love to play the victim card.
    And project their own flaws onto liberals. The examples are endless, but this article presents some of their greatest hits: it's liberals who are dividing the country, not Trump and his incessant insults, threats, and bullying on twitter and elsewhere; it's not conservatives who have poisoned our political system since the days of Lee Atwater, Willie Horton, Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch, and so on, but liberals. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the true corrupt fascists, not Trump & his minions, etc. A great many Americans think we're already in a very dark period in our history, and have been since Trump's election. At least the guy is open about his homophobia and sexism.
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    Steve Lepore
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    Starting with the fear mongering already, why don’t you repub folks spend a little time analyzing why you have lost the support of the public and determine a positive and productive approach to governance and bring that out into the light of day and see if you can regain the public support you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarcaDeac View Post
    Love the part where he says the Democrats won’t let them investigate Benghazi
    Maybe the 47th investigation would be the charm...

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    If you watch Fox, One America or Russia Today, the Dems are responsible for everything bad in the world. So the premise is correct for approximately 40% of the country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WakeandBake View Post
    Thrice married homophobic self-loathing Jew?

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    I disagree with you
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    Conservatives are so weak-minded

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    "Thanks to the left’s control of the House of Representatives and the news media, Americans will be kept in a fevered state throughout 2019 – with innumerable hearings, exposés, criminal investigations and possible indictments of those around the president and the president himself. Truth will not be the point. Defamation will. Anything that might muddy the president, no matter how spurious, no matter how thin the evidence, will be pursued with gusto. The media will drop “bombshell” after “bombshell.” If lives and careers are ruined, so much the better; no one should be associating with this president anyway, as far as the left is concerned. The Robert Mueller investigation into alleged “collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Russian government – which has led to guilty pleas and imprisonment of people around President Trump for offenses having nothing to do with such collusion – is a preview of what lies ahead."

    Sounds good to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DistrictDeacon View Post

    I’d have to convert first

    That ain’t happening

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    Dennis Prager lol. The dumbest thing he has said since earlier this week when he said that anybody who says happy holidays is an American hating radical
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