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Thread: Trump Campaign colluded with Russia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newenglanddeac View Post
    Plus hacking the DNC and Podestas emails and slow leaking then over the course of the election.
    This probably had the biggest impact. It kept Hillary's email's looming over the entire election season. It lead to Comey announcing a week before the election that he was looking at more emails. Republicans made a ton of hay out of this relative non-issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailordeac View Post
    take Trump to court
    This is classic. Never change, HGToH. Never change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmab03 View Post
    Is the Washington post fringe right wing propaganda? I mean all reports are itís $75k on Facebook ads, right? Iím not sure how one manipulates that data to being meaningful.

    did a quick search...

    this says 300k on twitter and facebook:

    this says russia had a monthly budget of 1.25m toward interference efforts by 9/2016:

    --------another story with a monthly budget of 1.2 million :

    this says tens of millions over several years and various ways:

    this says over 100k during election on facebook alone:

    anyway, i think it is very difficult to know for sure. i cannot remember where the article was that said that Mich and Wis was specifically targeted, i think it was in an article talking about Manafort giving the Russians polling information and Russia identified Mich and Wis as the places to concentrate efforts. there is just too much information about this to remember or find it all.

    here is an overview, per wash post:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailordeac View Post
    take Trump to court but meanwhile let him pick the judges
    Addendum for accuracy.

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