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Thread: Violations finally coming down, it seems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tau06 View Post
    Donít want to mention The Hat doing the same thing? Itís all insane and moronic.

    This is a thread about basketball violations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timdunkandthefunk View Post
    Twitter says the NCAA are about to put the pups up. DSJ couldnít have been worth it.
    Ouch. Any word on the other programs?

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    Sounds like State got a Notice of Allegations a while ago. Iím sure they will crush NCSU after letting UNC off. Joke that the Nike schools arenít wrapped up in this as well. UK supposedly went Iíve over top to get Bam after they had paid I assume the same thing they were giving DSJ and thought it was wrapped up. We will see what if anything comes from the allegations as far as any penalties go.

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    I'm shocked that Gott didn't run a clean program

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