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Thread: Hypocrisy at the border

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailordeac View Post

    In case you hadn't noticed it before, little red lubette is a liar, just as most socialists are.
    So much hate in this post.
    Birds are real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louis Gossett Jr View Post
    Are those the same border patrol agents that comment and post to a deplorable Facebook group?
    The membership is only like 50% of the current number of border patrol officers.

    Bad apples !!!!!
    We're going to be good again.

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    It's weird that "bad applies" is used as a defense given that the whole saying is "One bad apple spoils the bunch."

    To be fair, that Facebook group is for old and new Border Patrol officers. 9,500 current and former employees of an organization that currently employs 20,000 is still a lot and pretty representative.

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    Congress needs to call the members of that Facebook group to testify in open session for the American public.

    A non-racist POTUS would have fired hundreds of them by now.

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    Dickie Hemric
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    How many years should I get for "little red lubette"?

    Can't believe that there is another lefty trying to criminalize speech, this time in order to protect members of Congress, who are all obviously above all criticism:

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    I love how much AOC scares the shit out of sailor. The guy’s a wreck

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