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Thread: Rip Torn has died at 88

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    Rip Torn has died at 88

    From MIB to Larry Sanders to many Broadway plays and much more, Rip Torn was in close to 200 movies and TV shows over the past sixty years.

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    He had died? Was he resurrected?

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    "It's scotch whisky... Glenlivet, single malt. When you die, you'll go to heaven, say hello to God; and when God says hello to you, this is what you'll smell on his breath."

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    episode where Artie gets blitzed and "quits" is a pretty great one

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    His portrayal of Richard Milhous Nixon was spot-on. R.I.P., Rip.

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    Too soon?
    Space Force in

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    Defending Your Life is an all-time underrated movie.

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